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DJ History

Lyxia first started DJing for WPNR 90.7 in 1999 under the sarcastic DJ name of "Nightshade" (reference to "Goth Talk" on SNL). She was hired as a volunteer DJ for RKOL by KolMohDee on 12/11/04. She is currently the Scheduling Director for RKOL, and has been a member of the Administrative Team since December 2006.


Her show is not considered talk radio; various topics are usually contained to a 10 or 15 minute rant between music of various genres, including goth, comedy, punk, new age, 80's, 90's, classical, alternative, folk, and others.


Currently, Lyxia does not, and will never accept emailed songs until it is proven to be 110% legal. Requests are however encouraged, but only by the following means: openly request a song and/or band in /c radio (the "if I have it I'll play it" policy). The more generic the request, the more likely your request will be played due to availability (for example, requesting a band in general rather than a specific song title).


Lyxia loves running contests. Listen to her shows for contest rules and themes.

Past contests include "You Can't Play That on RKOL!" where listeners had the power to control what songs were played on the air (a small donation of meat and/or beer would allow a listener to "skip" whatever song was currently being played, and all donations were given away at the end of the show).

Others include her famous "themed" contest, where a "theme" word is chosen, and everything that is donated must contain the "theme" word in the item name. At the end of the show, listeners have an opportunity to win all donations by answering a trivia question. An example of this type of contest include "Win Lyxia's Heart!" where all the donations had the word "heart" in the item name.

Lyxia loves asking trivia questions that cannot be googled. She tends to reward listeners for listening carefully to her show and so that is what most of her trivia is based on (for example, "How many ___ did I receive as donations today?" or "How many songs did I play with the word "heart" in the song title?").


1 - All donations are read on air as a way of verifying it was received, and to say "Thank you!" Please send donations to Lyxia.

2 - To guess at trivia, send a blue message (a private message, /msg Lyxia answer) to Lyxia

3 - One guess per character, so if you have 4 multis, you get 5 guesses!

4 - Answers are usually a single digit number between, and not including, 0-10.

5 - The trivia question will be announced on air and typed in chat at the same time (to account for buffering or lag).

6 - Question is asked at least 15 min before show end time.

7 - All donations are given to the lucky winner! More details during show time!

Listener Comments

Please feel free to add you own :)

  • Gausie (7.19.07): A Kingdom-wide petition is currently in place for the following actions to take place: "RadioKol" to be renamed to "RadioLyxia" and a (large) portion (80-90%) of KoL donations to be directed to Lyxia, so she can adopt a 24-7 DJ position, with Jick and Skully shows if they're invited. Slab can come too.

A list of signers (usernames) with their comments on the idea is below.

  • MiniSizeMe - Great idea! <3 I will ALWAYS LOVE your show! ^_^
  • HIDDEN NINJA - Yeah, good idea.
  • Reapaninja - /em pulls out a giant stamper with [APPROVED] on it, and stamps like he's never stamped before!
  • Tom Paris was here. And he was a hero, as I almost typoed, just now. E> <3
  • Reapaninja - Do we have to give her a choice? Can't we just chain her to the desk and station guards with cattleprods in case she falls asleep, tries to message or ask for help or tries to knaw her leg off? I just don't want the awesome to end :/ at least, not untill I've made sure Still Annoyed is played over the radio at least once more.
  • Aarkwilde - Sounds good to me. She's going to need a lot of coffee.
  • Londonbrig0 approves
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