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 Show Name:   
 Prize Multi:  Lyxia 

 Age:  24 
 Sex:  Female 
 Location:  Albany, NY 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
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Basic Data

Lyxia is a volunteer DJ for Radio KoL with regular shows on Tuesday nights from 6-9PM EST. You must be 21 years of age or older to listen to her show.

Contact Info

  • Email:
  • AIM: DJLyxia

DJ History

Lyxia first started DJing on WPNR 90.7 in 1999 under the sarcastic DJ name of "Nightshade" (reference to "Goth Talk" on SNL). She was hired as a volunteer DJ for RadioKOL by KolMohDee on 12/11/04.

Lyxia was first known for her "vibrator bump" created for KolMohDee around the time she was hired. It is rumored that the sound effects are authentic.


Lyxia's show, called "Sex-flavoured Radio" was named by Starkmoon. Her show contains many adult themes, although not all are sexual in content. Common topics include Gay Rights, Religion, Policy, International Affairs, and other topics sure to offend at least someone.

Her show is not considered talk radio; these topics are usually contained to a 10 or 15 minute rant between music of various genres, including goth, comedy, punk, new age, 80's, 90's, classical, alternative, and others.

Occasionally SlabBulkHead will co-host shows. He insists on playing his crappy punk music, talks about Christian Barbeques, and will refer to himself as "Uncle Slab."


Lyxia currently does not and will never accept emailed songs as requests until it is proven to be 110% legal. Requests are however encouraged, but only by the following means: openly request a song and/or band in /c radio.

This method is preferred compared to emailing and green/blue messaging only because one is less likely to make a ridiculous request due to being subjected to ridicule. The more generic the request, the more likely your request will be played due to availability (for example, requesting a band in general rather than a specific song title).

Lyxia will then say on air which songs by that band she currently has, and /radio has the opportunity for an impromptu vote. This type of requesting encourages community input such as "Yeah I haven't heard any Siouxsie in forever!" or "STFU if I hear the Numa Numa one more time I'll eat your children."

There is no list of current songs Lyxia has because it is constantly changing, and she is too lazy to rip all 300 of her CD's.


Lyxia loves running contests. Listen to her shows for contest rules and themes.

Past contests include "You Can't Play That on RadioKOL!" where listeners had the power to control what songs were played on the air (a small donation of meat and/or beer would allow a listener to "skip" whatever song was currently being played, and all donations were given away at the end of the show).

Others include her famous "themed" contest, where a "theme" word is chosen, and everything that is donated must contain the "theme" word in the item name. At the end of the show, listeners have an opportunity to win all donations by answering a triva question. An example of this type of contest include "Win Lyxia's Box!" where all the donations had the word "box" in the item name.

Lyxia loves asking trivia questions that cannot be easily googled. This prevents the fastest typists from constantly winning (glEbs). She tends to reward listeners for listening carefully to her show and so that is what most of her trivia is based on.

Contest winners and prizes:

  • 10/31/06 Trenidel won: a pair of Radio KoL Maracas.
  • 10/24/06 ADeadHorse won: 951 heavy Ds, 744 original Gs, 763 furry furs, 46 Angry Farmer candies, 754 giant needles, 117 thin black candles, 533 awful poetry journals and 1 plastic pumpkin bucket.
  • 10/17/06 glEbs won: 643 pink ponies, 652 pink-frosted astral cupcakes, 3 candied yam pinky rings, 169 giant pinky rings, 72 tubes of hot pink lipstick and 3.47 million meat.
  • 10/15/06 Mickey_Rat won: 79 334 scrolls, 1 668 scroll, 113 30669 scrolls, 238 33398 scrolls, 58 64067 scrolls, 242 scrolls of turtle summoning, 220 hot buttered rolls, 6 hearts of rock and roll, 3 Rock and Roll Legends, 525 scrolls of drastic healing, 148 rolls in the hay, 2 scrolls of pasta summoning, 16 rolls of toilet paper, 18 scrolls of ancient forbidden unspeakable evil, 7 cream pies, 33 stacks of Trollhouse cookies, 1 rolling pin, 1 radio button candy and 102k meat.
  • 10/10/06 LSK won: 80 penguin skin bucklers, 74 pairs of swashbuckling pants, 198 enormous belt buckles, 12 star bucklers, 759 buckler buckles, 831 hippo skin bucklers, 3 yakskin bucklers, 88 gnauga hide bucklers, 1 plastic pumpkin bucket, and 1 million meat.
  • 10/3/06 Askren won: 804 disco masks, 105 cold ninja masks, 285 leather masks, 522 wolf masks, 3 spooky hockey masks, 24 opera masks, 1 radio button candy, and 111k meat.
  • 9/26/06 Yit won: 56 ten-leaf clovers, 84 disassembled clovers, 1 hovering sombrero, 2 toy six-seater hovercrafts, 7 ridiculously overelaborate ninja weapons, 604 oversized pizza cutters, 45 containers of leftovers of indeterminate origin, 1 radio button candy, and 1.05 million meat.
  • 9/19/06 Dyzzyah won: 143 pirate pelvises, 14 pirate skulls, 92 pirate shirts, 12 bottles of rum, 4 blundarrrbusses, 437 tiny plastic spooky pirate skeletons, 3 ninja pirate zombie robot heads, 2 bottles of Lieutenant Freeman, 1 clockwork pirate skull and 3.85 million meat.
  • 9/12/06 Frightened McFearsalot won: 190 ram horns, 365 ram sticks, 3100 Ram's Face Lager, 5 ram-battering staves, 501 hell ramens and 10.1 million meat.
  • 8/30/06 AJedHeart won: 43 boxes, 2 boxes-in-the-box-in-the-box, 42 boxes of wine, 1 boxed champagne, 610 pairs of studded leather boxer shorts, 6 nothings-in-the-box, 2 bartenders-in-the-box, 2 chef-skulls-in-the-box, 5 Gnollish toolboxes, 3 small boxes, 20 large boxes, 1 clockwork bartender-in-the-box, and 10k meat.
  • 8/29/06 Relsqui won: 312 wussiness potions, 21 swirly potions, 30 milky potions, 115 effervescent potions, 15 fizzy potions, 34 dark potions, 17 murky potions, 184 Knob Goblin love potions, 3 potions of potency, 57 red pixel potions, 3 blue pixel potions, 15 green pixel potions, 269 procrastination potions, 261 probability potions, 14 bubbly potions, 25 smoky potions, 29 cloudy potions, 19 handsomeness potions and 60k meat.
  • 8/23/06 LSK won: 25 empty Orcish meat lockers, 3337 empty meat tanks, 1 radio button candy, 2 empty blowguns and 16k meat.
  • 8/22/06 Dorkariffic won: 122 candied kobolds, 2 candied yams, 2 candied yam pinky rings, a radio button candy, and 620k meat.
  • 8/16/06 glEbs won: 196 flaming crutches, 114 flaming talons, 48 flaming mushrooms, 23 flaming mushroom wines, 4 flaming glowsticks, 16 flaming cardboard swords and 208k meat.
  • 8/15/06 ungratefuljester won: 356 gnoll lips, 425 spooky lipsticks, 16 hot pink lipsticks, 200 tulips, a radio button candy, and 373k meat.
  • 8/8/06 glEbs won: 3 cans of fake snow, 29 jars of fake fake vomit, 94 fake hands, 4 wads of fake plastic grass and 665k meat.
  • 8/7/06 tealsac won: 15201 tomatoes, 109 shots of tomato schnapps, 21 tomato juices of powerful power, 10 tomato daiquiris, 14 white chocolate and tomato pizzas and 700k meat.
  • 8/1/06 ungratefuljester won: 2 unwound cymbal-playing monkeys, 119 tiny plastic howling balloon monkeys, 356 monkey wrenches, 8 rhesus monkeys, 9 balloon monkeys, 18 sock monkeys, and 1.25 million meat.
  • 7/30/06 ungratefuljester won: 13003 lines, 258 spooky eyeliner pencils, 58 bags of airline peanuts, 261 libations of liveliness, and 1.65 million meat.
  • 7/25/06 geekrockgirl85 won: 1054 stuffed shoulder parrots, 397 stuffed spooky mushrooms, 28245 stuffed cans of asparagus, 406 stuffed dodecapedes, 2105 stuffed ghuol whelps, 100 stuffed zmobies, 193 stuffed doppelshifters, and 209k meat.
  • 7/11/06 Ricket won: 214 lucky ball-and-chains, 50 bowls of lucky charms, 54 Lucky Surprise Eggs, 3 lucky rabbits' feet, and 2.03 million meat.
  • 7/4/06 Toothless won: 212 orange snowcones, 10878 oranges, 124 orange-frosted astral cupcakes, 1116 shots of orange schnapps, and 350k meat.
  • 3/29/06 glEbs won: 115 abominable snowcones, 113 snowcones purple, 96 snowcones green, 99 snowcones orange, 127 snowcones red, 88 snowcones blue, 9 snowcones black, a Mr. Accessory and 353k meat.
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