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mCRT is no longer an active DJ with RKOL. His last show was on 8/16/2010.


 Show Name:  Dungeons and Dragons and Dicks 
 Prize Multi:  none 

 Age:  29 
 Sex:  ambiguous 
 Location:  Florida 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
See Schedule

mCRT is a world-famous nerdcore rapper and show promoter, and now also a DJ here on RKOL. His show primarily features nerdcore hip-hop and sex jams. He has enormous genitals and wrote the content for this page himself. He never lies.

You can download his music at

For more great nerd rap, visit RhymeTorrents and Scrub Club

Seriously, guys, his genitals are almost too big for you. *Almost.*

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