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Merik cannot read or write. All of the following is user submitted.

If Merik could read or write, he would probably be the one to make all of this follow format.

Sleepy Panda Radio

Merik's last show was 2/8/2007

  • Picture de Merik: mobboss.jpg

The History of Merik as told by Darth Sarra (#381681)

Merik was the first musical Jew ever recorded in history. He began his life as a general in the Chinese army. He spent several hundred years in the Alps perfecting the mystical Tae-bo Jitsu. When he came to America in 1754, he struck it rich in Montana mining gold and spent the next 50 years drunk on a yacht in Denmark. Later, posing as a member of the Gestappo in World War II, Merik single-handedly freed 600,000 Jews from twenty-four concentration camps. He was inducted into the League of Justice as The Jewsician seventeen years ago.

Side Notes About Merik

Merik is Dragonnade's favorite DJ as he has respect for the female gender. Go Merik.

Merik, much like the clan (of sometime zmobies) that he leads, is full of awesome. Go Merik indeed.

Merik is also the leader of Teh Club.woo.

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