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I make a page! Yay me


MrsLogoLady, is an Australian, she now lives in shiny London England. Her shows are filled with brand new music which gets collated every week.

Mrs Logo Lady
Mrs Logo Lady

 Show Name:   
 Prize Multi:   

 Age:  25! 
 Sex:  Lady 
 Location:  Mini Australia, London 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
Monday and Tuesday 12:00-14:00
What time is that for me?
Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows

What to expect

I usually play indie folk rock music, but I will play anything. Sometimes exciting things happen in my life so I sometimes play music to reflect that. I also usually stick in a speaky talky lyric contest. All chatbot selected winners get 250,000 meat and all entries go in the draw for a radio button candy, but I'm running out of those! Other things to expect is a little logo, lots of interruptions, me not making any sense because I lose my train of thought or I forgot what I was going to say...

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