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Run by Prima Vera Angelhair, the Mystery Guest Show (also known as The Case of the Mysterious Voices) has historically taken place at Midnight Central time on Sunday/Monday. Players are selected secretly and brought on the air and listeners must attempt to determine their identity. Originally, the winner was judged by the listener with the most solid clues. However, this grew to be entirely too time-consuming, and thus listeners now must identify the Mystery Guest (or MG) and then answer eighteen (usually) riddles linked somehow to the MG's profile or pages found from the profile. The winner is the player with the most correctly-answered riddles.

The MG show has many running gags, including asking if the MG is Kurt Russel, referring to the MG as the MQ, and asking who would be shot first if all of the players were lined up alphabetically, PVA or the MG.

The MG show has been moved to Sunday mornings now due to alterations in PVA's schedule.

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