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Nassive (#95538)

 Show Name:  Welcome To The Breakdown/ vs. The Playlist! 
 Prize Multi:  NasDestiny 

 Age:  25 
 Sex:  Male 
 Location:  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 
 Twitter:  Here 

Show Times:
Monday 10pm-1am EST
Fridays 11pm-2am EST
What time is that for me?
Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows



A work in progress, currently. I'm Nassive, #95538, and if you see the TARDIS avatar you've reached the right place.

Personal life: University student at Carleton University, going for a degree in Sociology with a minor in Law. Straight, in a perpetual state of complicated, with a big head eclipsed only by his heart.

Nassive has currently been playing the game for nearly 11 years (over a third of his life, he is smug in pointing out), with a two year break in between. As his ascension history indicates, he is far from done playing the game and is current with gameplay and areas. Nassive returned and stayed in the game thanks to the awesome people in /veteran, who made him actually have a reason to keep coming back. Nassive used to play with his friends - when they disappeared, he lost interest and became an old man who didn't know how to do anything any more. Tatsuya frequented /veteran and pulled him into /radio, where he started to branch out with Hot Pho's show, then DonnaMatrix... and by that point Nassive knew he was screwed/hooked.

Nassive became a DJ in August of 2011, with his first show on September 2nd. He dated Possidea for a year, shortly after he became a DJ, and her influence can be seen nowadays in the bump Nassive frequently plays at the end of his show, 'Count Your Blessings'. She became a staple of his shows in his first year, and she branched out into being a pretty good DJ on her own right. They frequently partnered on projects and contests, but that is less common at present due to scheduling conflicts. Nassive acknowledges that she was there for him during a rough time in his life, and the positive effect she had on him, so you won't often hear him speaking ill of her.

Currently, Nassive can be seen on radio once a week on Mondays from 10-Midnight EST due to his school schedule, and drops into radio as often as he can. He regularly appreciates the listenership and his frequent listeners, and continues to strive to do his best. His mission statement for his show is to try to vary content on other shows, and to give as much as he can during his show to the listeners in whatever form he can. It is important to him that he is still on the air because of people who listen and care, and would not do it without them.

Theme Shows

Guilty Pleasures

Run once every three months or so, Nassive will request listeners send in their guilty pleasures in terms of music - it can be anything, as long as someone feels vaguely guilty about enjoying it. He will set up a spreadsheet updated in real-time and give people the option of guessing whether the song/block of music is from a listener, a DJ, or his own guilty pleasure. Listeners may then guess who it was specifically to earn 3 points additionally. Some will be worth more; some may be multi-answers. This being his biggest contest, a grand prize is usually in order.

The Throwback

Run once in a while, this will be a show where he'll play songs from his childhood, making people remember old songs while simultaneously shocking everyone into realizing how young he is, how much of a fetus, etc. Nassive is open to the possibility of opening this up to listeners as well, but he enjoys making people uncomfortable in their age for now.

First-Time Plays

Being a DJ, especially one who accepts heavy amounts of requests, means he won't always be able to play requests. This is that time. Possidea and Nassive will search through his library and play songs for the first time, songs that he's never heard of, songs he forgot he had, songs he got because he needed a specific song from the album and got the whole thing (I'm looking at you, Ace of Base, thanks for the continued ridicule)


Nassive: Growing slowly. I am making a huge effort to make my music library legal - I will purchase music if you want to hear it, and if it's not commercially available or niche, feel free to send it to

His shows are mostly requests, and he tries to play all the music he has requested, promise. Nassive tries not to play music you'll hear on other shows, even if he does have giant influences from other DJs and their tastes are like his. He will try and carry requests over and will attempt to play any song at least once.

Frequent plays: Foo Fighters, Marian Call (She is his JAM) Lindsey Stirling (except for Thrift Shop, which has somehow developed into a cult enjoyment thing), Jimi Hendrix, Video Games Live, Three Days Grace, Musicals of all kind, I Fight Dragons, Adele, music from Pitch Perfect, Queen, AC/DC, Kirby Krackle.

Nassive does, however, have some base rules. No: Duffy, Kesha (except for Die Young. He does like it), Simple Plan, Aqua, boy bands like Backstreet Boys and Nsync, Spice Girls... a lot of the 90s, essentially. He will also flagrantly disregard his own rules when it's for a good cause - like his theme shows. No Red Solo Cup. He played it once and spent the next minute groaning about it on the air in pain. Similar results were from Ylvis, even if he will play it with great reluctance.





Nassive will interject between two songs to ask a simple opinion question, and listeners will have one song to send in their answers in kmail to Nassive. He will not say the question in chat, as he feels listeners should be rewarded for listening by getting the chance to win shinies. In-chat, there will be a timer for how long people can send in their responses. At the end of the song, he will read on air the responses and roll a die. The meat prize will be completely dependent on how many participants he has: the more people he gets, the higher the prize meat will be.


Nassive was announced as being a DJ on air with Techrat and Yellowtoast on September 2nd, 2011 - recorded and archived here

His first show was on the 3rd of September 2011, which is archived here.

Nassive had an on-air smackdown with Techrat; chat log, screenshot and record of it is here

Nassive would be remiss if he didn't thank the lovely Quisalas for all her diligence and help with making this possible

Profile Quotes

Hachi: Help me Nassi-wan. You're my only hope.

[clan] Pixie Styx: You're a nice guy Nass. I hope it's a loooong time before you get jaded and bitter. ^_^

DonnaMatrix: Omigawd, Nassive.. I love you so much

Donnamatrix: Shut up Nas!

TechRat: nassive, you suck. you're the canadian ricket

Bam: bwahaha! I <3 you, Nass. :)

Psyche paints a tunnel on the wall of /radio and Nassive runs through, while everyone else smashes into the painted brick wall

Possidea goes to look at balls. Soldan is 12. and excuses himself to giggle

Listener Space to edit and modify as you wish

Here's where you, listeners, can say whatever you'd like.

You are all instrumental to me being here. Have fun, say what you'd like.

Go nuts!

Show Times

Monday 10pm-midnight EST, which is subject to change at the rewrite.


And Now ... Spawn Pictures.

nassive_in_a_dress_by_missmillinu-d3ax1up.jpg 529857_112709382248766_1449279666_n.jpg 969080_505952349470809_855074113_n.jpg

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