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|showtimes=Tuesday 11-1am UK Time (4-6pm EST) }}
|showtimes=Mondays<br />10pm - Midnight UK<br />5-7pm EST }}
='''The Dead Air Show'''=
='''The Dead Air Show'''=
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[http://www.batgut.net BATGUT.net - The Official Dead Air Show Merchandising Machine]
[http://www.batgut.net BATGUT.net]
[http://www.monofiopia.co.uk monofiopia.co.uk - My website]
[http://www.monofiopia.co.uk monofiopia.co.uk]
[http://www.last.fm/user/monofiopia/ My Last.fm user page]
[http://www.last.fm/user/monofiopia/ My Last.fm user page]

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 Show Name:  The Dead Air Show 
 Prize Multi:  None Listed 

 Age:  NYB 
 Sex:  Not Provided 
 Location:  Not Provided 
 Email:  Not Provided 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
10pm - Midnight UK
5-7pm EST

The Dead Air Show

The Dead Air Show is a weekly radio show on Radio KoL, hosted by opai. It's quite a diverse show and has been called many names, some of them complimentary.

Typical genre spread: Post-punk, Post-Post-Punk, Punk, Experimental, Noise, Rock, Electronica, Glitch, Indie, Industrial, Dub, Grindcore, Anti-Music.

Things people have said about The Dead Air Show

"did something happen to the radio? its screaming at me or something"
"why does my computer speakers sound like there're tortured souls of young boys in them?"
"this show reminds me of when i was too little to know to change the station"
"It sounds like a boat sinking in slow motion in my ears and everyone is dead. I like it."




My Last.fm user page

I also make noises

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