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The Dead Air Show

while some might consider opai's show the flagship show of Radio KoL, it's actually not, which is a bit of a surprise.

i'd give a description of what you might hear but to be blunt, the show's all over the place. imagine something that combines old punk with modern electro, and fills in all the gaps with some sort of grey and orange-flavoured intelligent noise. And if that actually helped you, probably nothing else can.


Monday 8 - 11pm GMT (3 - 6pm EST)

Thursday 8 - 10pm GMT (3 - 5pm EST)


I don't normally play requests so getting one played on my show isn't usually an easy task. If you do want to request something though, first make the request in the /radio channel to see if it's the type of thing I might play.

I'll warn you now though, I will never play any Queen or Pink Floyd, as I despise them. It's also pretty unlikely that you'll hear any 'classic rock', ska-punk, modern 'pop-punk', or anything made by a highly processed commercial band that apparently understands the misunderstood youth of a nation.

Things people have said about opai & The Dead Air Show

"this show reminds me of when i was too little to know to change the station" - mOmO_cHiLd

"Opai is just a co host. every one knows saskia is the real dJ" - YellowToast

"If I had enough money to come to the london meet I'd totally do opai" - Thalog

"opai is teh nice.. i don't want to stab him, at least" - Lillith

"this is some sweet music as well, i haven't heard any of it so far, its all brand new" - Lathnes

"Opai: the most efficient dj." - muymanwell

"Heh god bless Opai and his dsylexic friendly contests..." - JohnDoe244

"we're all just silenced by the awesomeness of the music" - Accordiana

"You know we all pretend to love you opai =D" - justice1234

"the music sucks, but I'm used to it opai" - Fianor

"Opai, You win as the best DJ contest-maker ever." - Chris37599 [This needed to be quoted, as I doubt anyone will ever say it again]

"why does my computer speadkers sound like there're tortured souls of young boys in them?" - Tiny Plastic Jyxtrant

"So not the song that should have been on when my 6 year old came up to ask me to sharpen his pencil. He looked at my computer for a good 30 seconds and then said "Why is your computer singing about Satan?" " - Quisalas

"Opai, you are a horrible, horrible person." - BrightButt The Defenestrator [after me dedicating 15 minutes of my show to his 'disposition' (ask him, not me)]

"The Dead Air Show has caused my wife to hand me headphones." - larzdapunk

What A Stupid Name. How Did It Originate?

the name 'opai' came from a typo of the last four letters of 'monofiopia'. yes, it bears a resemblance to a japanese word meaning something rude, but i had no idea of that at the time, honest. i was told about it about a week after signing up on KoL, and just hoped no one would realise.

everywhere else on the internet and in real life, i am 'monofiopia' and have been for about six or seven years. monofiopia is, essentially, my 'stage' name - i use it on all music i make, i used it in bands i was in, and i use it on all non-KoL stuffs on t'internets.

Places I Hide


monofiopia on MySpace

My Last.fm user page

My Last.fm music page


the things i've been listening to most over the last week, apparently.


if you want to question my musical tastes, click on the discussion tab ;)

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