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The Dead Air Show

The Dead Air Show is a twice-weekly radio show on Radio KoL, hosted by opai. It's quite a diverse show and has been called many names, some of them complimentary.

There is a frequently updated blog with specific show information and playlists. It is here


Monday 8 - 10pm UK (3 - 6pm EST)

Thursday 8 - 11pm UK (3 - 5pm EST)


I don't normally play requests so getting one played on my show isn't usually an easy task. If you do want to request something though, first make the request in the /radio channel to see if it's the type of thing I might play.

I'll warn you now though, I will never play any Queen or Pink Floyd, as I despise them. It's also pretty unlikely that you'll hear any 'classic rock', ska-punk, contemporary 'pop-punk', or anything made by a highly processed commercial band that claims to represent or understand the misunderstood youth of a nation.

Things people have said about The Dead Air Show

"this show reminds me of when i was too little to know to change the station" - mOmO_cHiLd

"why does my computer speakers sound like there're tortured souls of young boys in them?" - Tiny Plastic Jyxtrant

"So not the song that should have been on when my 6 year old came up to ask me to sharpen his pencil. He looked at my computer for a good 30 seconds and then said "Why is your computer singing about Satan?" " - Quisalas

"The Dead Air Show has caused my wife to hand me headphones." - larzdapunk

Links & Resources

monofiopia.co.uk - My website

deadair.monofiopia.co.uk - The Dead Air Show website

My Last.fm user page

How To Ruin Two Good Songs - Intro & overview of remixing/mashing

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