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Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows="display:none" Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows="display:none"
papst (#2480606) A Gift from my Dear Friend Arti

 Show Name:  Crap From the Papst 
 Prize Multi:  blue ribbon (#2737904) 

 Sex:  Female 
 Location:  The High Sierras 

Show Times:
(EST) Thursday 10pm to 12am.. Saturday 9pm to 12 am.. Sunday 11am to 1pm..

Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows

Some Things About Me

I love music, travel (in all forms,
but I prefer train), and my two daughters.
Time by the sea, long walks by myself, building
and riding bikes, and kissing people I find
delightfully sexy. Ask me if you would like
to know more.

My Show

You can expect to hear a large variety of
musical types on this show. I have lots of
interests and am always looking for new stuff.
If you have requests for songs or shows with a
specific theme, please feel free to email me
or send me a message in game to let me know!
I will always try to get requests on the air.

I will play almost all kinds of music. I personally
don't mind dirty or offensive music, so you can be
sure to hear it on my show. This does not mean I'll play anything!!
I have some things that i will not play due to an unexplained
set of morals/ethics/scruples... I in no way condone
any form of bigotry! Please don't confuse my willingness
to play questionable music I like as an endorsement of the content..


OMG.. Its my 1 month anniversary show!! Also I just found out Ween is Doing some reunion shows! This is one of my very favorite bands of all times, and the smallest hint that they could get back together is cause for a celebration! Please join me on my 1 month anniversary Ween show. Please Please Please request Ween songs you like, and i will play them for you.





~A LOOK TO THE FUTURE (i.e. shows im working on)~

Frank Zappa.. Yes i know Sassy did one already, but i didn't get to hear it! Don't worry!! I asked her for the playlist she used so there will be no repeats xD

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