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PFE Retired from Radio KoL. His last show was the 11th of January 2013

Pasta Far Eye
Do not attempt to adjust your set!

 Show Name:  The Revenge of the Mutant Hippy Psychic Warlord 
 Prize Multi:  Shroomicide Girl (#1732026) 

 Age:  44 
 Sex:  Male 
 Location:  Deep within the Violet Fog 
 Twitter:  pastafareye 

Show Times:
Sat 6pm-10pm Eastern US Time.
Check the schedule for extra shows!



In the beginning, all was darkness and void 
and PFE was content in his meditative solitude. 
Then God came along and tripped over PFE 
and PFE did verily exclaim, 
"You blind, idiot bastard! Turn on a fuckin' light!"
And God said: 
Let there be light. 
and there was light 
and PFE muttered ruefully,
"Damn. There goes the neighborhood." 

PFE was discovered passed out in the gutter behind the KoL Addicts Clan Hall. As this gutter is also the secret lounge for clan officers and admins, it was just assumed that he was a new clan officer. (It took most of a year to correct that error.) Like a salmon drawn upstream to its ancestral spawning grounds, PFE soon found his way into the Violet Fog. At first, his rantings about finding "the promised land" were dismissed as the delusions of a drug crazed hippy. Then, when he proceded to literally carve the Half-Astral Studio out of the vapors of the fog itself, his rantings were praised as the divine prophecies of a drug crazed hippy. When someone "reminded" him that he needed astral mushrooms to get to the Violet Fog, he replied "No way man, I haven't come down since 1972! How d'you think I can find my way around the place so well? It's like the back of my hand... only bigger. See, look at my hand. Oh fuck! Where's my hand? Dude! Who stole my hand?!"

PFE claims to have been previously engaged variously as a genocidal despot, balrog rancher, ascetic mystic, clone arranger, rat hunter, and interdimensional tour guide. Some of this has actually been confirmed.


Apparently, PFE and FridgeTroll formerly shared a skull, where PFE claims Fridge was perpetually late on his share of the rent. PFE found an old refrigerator in the haunted kitchen, set it up in the back room of the studio, kicked Fridge out of his skull and told him that he could live in the refrigerator as long as he didn't get arrested. Perhaps contrary to PFE's story, or perhaps in support of it, prior to the installation of that refrigerator there is no evidence of FridgeTroll's existence. Given PFE's ability to seemingly warp the fabric of reality it may not be such a suprise that FridgeTroll's volume is greater than that defined by the external dimensions of the fridge.

the balrog

PFE has a young son who is known online and on-air as the balrog. The balrog occasionally attempts to invade the studio and wreak havoc while PFE is broadcasting, these events are referred to as "balrog attacks."

Flying Spaghetti Monster?

"Sure, pass the romano cheese."

More than anything else, PFE is a vessel used by many extradimensional creatures for their visits to various dimensions in which PFE is comfortable. The most powerful and enduring of these creatures is his beard, which is bent on nothing less than universal domination.

PFE asserts that his spleen is responsible for universal expansion (much to the dismay of his beard). At some point in the past, his ego expanded to nearly the full volume of the universe. In order to maintain control of his ego, his spleen expanded to contain his ego and in doing so, it exceeded the volume of the universe, at which point the universe expanded to compensate. Knowledge of this caused further ego expansion, which caused further expansion of the spleen, and in turn the universe, creating a massive positive feedback loop. He also asserts that if the blood level in his caffiene stream gets too high the universe will collapse in on itself, yet also that the universe has already collapsed in on itself, but due to Special Relativity, we have no physical means of perceiving this fact; he further insists that all of these assertions are absolutely true and in no way contradictory.

Radio stuff

If there is a theme to the show, it might be best summarized as the trials and tribulations of running a broadcast studio in the Violet Fog.

Is it "family friendly?" Sure, if your mom's a crack whore!

Latest News

Check here for info on upcoming events, projects, etc.

Schedule Change! (April 2012)

As of April 2, 2012 PFE's current show time is Saturdays 6pm-10pm Eastern US time.


Bands/artists you're likely to hear on a regular basis include (in no particular order), Judas Priest, Soundgarden, Toots and the Maytals, Gov't Mule, Shpongle, Chrome Division, The Rolling Stones, The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, Slayer, Blue Öyster Cult, and KMFDM. While favoring classic* metal, acid rock, and grunge, PFE's playlist includes a wide variety of music including 40's hemp jazz, psytrance, baroque and classical, blues, reggae, and P-Funk.

*classic meaning more than 25 years old.

Every week PFE will play a Seattle set featuring artists from Seattle and the Seattle area, this generally means early grunge. Another regular weekly feature is Mule Time featuring 30 minutes of live Gov't Mule carefully selected from his extensive collection (nearly 90 hours!) of live Mule recordings. Other semi-regular features include Violet Fog sets comprised of songs about psychedelic drugs and drug use in general, and 420 sets comprising of cannabis related music spanning over 70 years of musical history.

His sets usually run 25-30 minutes and are generally formed around a genre, theme, or maybe a single word, although sometimes he departs from that and forms a set based on stuff he just thinks sounds good together, yet doesn't necessarily have any other connection.

Incoherent mumbling/randompsychobabble

These are terms sometimes used to describe PFE's attempts at verbal communications. At their best they approach a form of glossolalia. At their worst they approach a form of prophecy. Usually, it is just incoherent mumbling or randompsychobabble.

Prize Donations?

Sure! Send stuff to Shroomicide Girl (#1732026) and PFE will give it away (eventually) and give you or your clan props on the air. If Shroomicide Girl thinks the stuff you send is junk, she'll sell it and use the meat to buy something cool to give away instead. Preferred donations are quality food and booze, wads, and meat, although anything that most players are likely to find useful or valuable is very much welcomed, i.e. don't send the 753 awful poetry journals you just farmed, autosell them and send the meat.

Currently, PFE is primarily looking for Mr. Klaw stuffies, superhuman cocktails, improved booze, and improved mixers.


Under normal circumstances, during PFE's regularly scheduled shows, contests will be in the form of "call on cue." PFE will play a clip of Capt. Barbossa saying "You're off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters!" in the middle of a set and listeners have until the end of the following song to kmail in to PFE the title of that song. Of all the valid entries that arrive by the end of the song (as announced by chatbot), a winner or winners will be determined randomly. It doesn't take much brain work, but you do have to pay attention! If you win the drawing, you get to play:

Let's Make a Deal!

If you win a call on cue drawing, you'll receive 25000 meat or you can decline the meat and choose from one of three Mystical Prize Doors. The prizes behind the doors will be announced before you decide what to do. Typically, one door will have one radio button candy, another will have five superhuman cocktails, the other door will have a Mr. Klaw stuffie.

PFE's Weekly Million Meat Jackpot Giveaway Thingamabob!

Every week, a jackpot (usually 1 million meat) will be awarded near the start of Friday's show to someone who has submitted a contest entry to him since the previous jackpot. This drawing will be weighted based on the number of entries submitted, so if you've entered three contests since the last jackpot, you'll be three times as likely to win as someone who only entered once. So, the more you listen, the more you can play, the more you play, the better your chances are to win the jackpot.

The Weekly Million Meat Jackpot Giveaway Thingamabob is sponsored by generous donations from "That horde known as the KoL Addicts, where pants are optional and pies are optimal."™

Prize Avalanche!

Occasionally, when PFE has an excessive amount of prizes and is feeling particularly masochistic or on special occasions, he will hold a large lottery in conjunction with an all-request show. The description of a previous lottery is here. Prize Avalanches are normally held on or around April 15 and October 25, April 15 being the anniversary of his first internet broadcast and October 25 being his KoL birthday.

Other "Special" Events

PFE generally celebrates two other days, July 25 and December 31 (his RKoL anniversary and his RL birthday, respectively) with some other sort of contest or prize giveaway.


PFE occasionally reserves ~30 minutes of each show for requests from his playlist, which is here. Send your requests to PFE via kmail, brick, or blue message early in the show. A fair amount of his playlist will only get played if it is requested.

These request blocks are more likely to occur during an Emergency Session than a regularly scheduled show.


PFE welcomes submissions (except from Omnifrog). A fair number of the bands in his heavy rotation are the direct result of submissions from listeners. Send (well labelled mp3) submissions to <>. He will not download submissions during a show (with very rare exceptions), preferring to preview them before playing them. If he doesn't think it sucks, he'll add it to his playlist where it can be requested at a later date. If he actually likes it, he'll probably play it to death, and then reanimate it and add it to his undead legions.

Show Info


Mule Time, Seattle set, Let's Make a Deal!, Weekly Million Meat Jackpot Giveaway Thingamabob. Occasional readings. Musicial theme if any, may vary. Operate heavy machinery while listening at your own risk.

While supplies last, the three Mystical Prize Doors will contain 100 assorted Klaw stuffies, 50 superhuman cocktails, and one radio button candy.

PFE's Political Power Hour (x4!)

Twice a year, on or around May 1st (International Worker's Day) and US Election Day (2nd Tuesday of Novemeber), PFE will do a show entirely of politically charged and or motivated music: protests, anthems, memorials, etc. #occupyyoureardrums

Emergency Sessions

These shows occur whenever PFE fills in for another DJ's regular shift. They're basically a free-for-all and will often be wide open for requests. This is mainly an excuse for PFE to avoid doing any preparation before the shows. The call on cue contests will not be held during these shows, although random contests may be held if PFE feels sufficiently inspired.

Other stuff

PFE is also the official in-house DJ for Seattle Hempfest.

Pasta Far Eye on

The Revenge of the Mutant Hippy Psychic Warlord on Facebook.

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