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phyphor making a multi-pint pitcher look small

 Show Name:  phyphor's Spleen of Steel 
 Prize Multi:  Rick Astley (#1909416) 

 Age:  34 
 Sex:  often 
 Location:  England, UK, Europe, Eurasia, Earth, Sol, Milky Way 
 Twitter:  phyphor 

Show Times:
Saturdays 8pm - midnight Saturday & 7pm - 10pm Sunday
Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows


DJ Bio

phyphor is
properly spelt all in lower case
the eleventieth RKoL DJ, which is ten times as ridiculous as anyone else, but unfortunately no funnier.
the owner and operator of the player pic site!
someone with far too many multis, including, but not limited to:
culcube (rot13)
Brad McDickerson
ILoveJewsAndIWantToBuyThemJam (also see jar of "Creole Lady" marrrmalade)
ILJAIWTBTJ (the shortened form of the above)
Rick Astley (general trolling of /radioprize multi)
Just Some Random Asshat (mall multi)


The stars of the game and radio are stars! phyphor is not a star, so collects lines.

Show Name Explanation

On June 11th 2013 phyphor was riding a motorcycle to work and was hit by a car and suffered extreme injuries including a shattered knee and a ruptured spleen. Bleeding from the spleen was nearly fatal, but surgeons operated and embolised the spleen by inserting stainless steel coils and heating them by running a current through them. The coils remain in place so phyphor genuinely has a Spleen of Steel.

phyphor also had metal work inserted to help repair their knee and some say that makes them more machine than man, twisted and evil. As if phyphor needs an excuse to be twisted or evil.

phyphor embodies the sentiment "that which doesn't kill us makes us stranger" [sic]

Show Info

phyphor likes to produce shows around a central theme or idea.
Longer shows, of 4 hours and longer, are phyphor's concept and connection shows. These will have one song at the end of the show that continues the chain, but will predominantly focus on a more nebulous concept or explore a facet of the history of music.
Shorter shows, of 3 hours or shorter, will tend to pick on a more specific theme or idea and will focus on that, at least at the start of the show, with one exception (see Contests, below).

Concept & Connection shows


Songs are able to be linked in a chain by anything. It might be the lyrics, artist, style, key, genre, or any number of things.

Any single link, however esoteric is valid.

Songs can appear multiple times in the chain, but can't link to a song they've already been linked to - links are only valid once.

The links don't have to relate to the concept explored in the rest of the show, but if you can suggest something that does then it's may be more likely to get selected.

The Connections
Show No. Date linked song link reason
0 The Chain - Fleetwood Mac first song
1 2014-02-22 Jessica - The Allman Brothers Themes from BBC motor shows.

The Chain is used for Formula 1, Jessica is used for Top Gear

2 2014-03-01 Misirlou - Dick Dale and His Del-Tones Larry the Keyboard Player

Instrumental tracks from Guitar Hero (and they also have just one word titles)

3 2014-03-08 Dark Night - The Blasters Tarantino Film Sountracks

They are both the first piece of music (although the second track, after a piece of dialogue) on the soundtrack albums Pulp Fiction & From Dusk Till Dawn

4 2014-03-29 Silver Wings - The Knitters Dave Alvin

A former member of both The Blasters and The Knitters (which are also both bands with names of the format "The xxxxters")

5 2014-04-05 Silver Machine - Five Fifteen Covers of songs about flying silver machines
6 2014-05-12 5:15 the Angels Have Gone - David Bowie 5:15 is Five Fifteen
7 undecided yet undecided yet song to be decided during the show


An exploration of a facet of music.

Show History
Show No. Date Concept (with Wikipedia link)
1 2014-02-22 The "pop-punk chord (I-V-vi-IV) progression"
2 2014-03-01 The "sensitive female chord (vi-IV-I-V) progression"
3 2014-03-08 The "50s (I-vi-IV-V) progression"
4 2014-03-29 History of Jazz 1917 - 1930
5 2014-04-05 History of Jazz 1931 - 1935
6 2014-04-12 History of Rhythm & Blues 1925 - 1942 Part 1 From the Delta to the City and Part 2 Piano Boogie-Woogie Ragtime & Jazz

A reminder: There is no intentional "odd one out" or contest for these shows.

Theme & Contest shows

Shorter shows are a theme and contest show!

The first 11 tracks played form a theme, or, rather, 10 of the tracks match a theme and one of them is the Odd One Out.

Your mission is to kmail phyphor (#604709) which track doesn't match the theme and, if you can, why.

Detailed Rules

  • Only enter from a single account you own, please - i.e. one entry per person, not per account.
  • However, you can enter multiple times with your one account, but only the last entry per person counts as their entry for determining if they have the right answer (and reason).
  • Standard RKoL entry eligibility otherwise applies (other RKoL DJs and phyphor's family members can't get a reward, but can play along just for funsies).
  • Enter by sending a kmail to phyphor ensuring you include details of the track you think is the odd one out. Feel free to include the reasoning if you can for bonus prizes!
  • Every eligible in-game entrant gets a reward for entry, whether they are right or wrong (but please do indicate you are listening to me in some way)
  • Because a radio show is nothing without listeners, and a contest is nothing without entrants, phyphor will boost the rewards the more people who enter, including the basic entry prize!
  • You don't need to get the right reason to be entered in to the roll-off for the top prize
  • Prizes may not go out immediately but will be done by half an hour after the end of the show at the latest.
  • Prizes are sent via my prize multi: Rick Astley (#1909416), and donations are always welcome
  • unless otherwise explicitly mentioned, the following will not be part of the 11 tracks forming the contest
    • the intro to the show
    • bumps and interstitials (e.g. "One of these things")
    • the post contest track which acts as a filler to allow entries to come in


  • All eligible entrants get a prize.
  • If you get the answer right you get a bonus.
  • If you get the reasoning right you get a further bonus.
  • One of the random right answers (determined by a chatbot roll in /radio ) will also get a fabulous prize - note that you don't need to get the right reason to be in the roll off, but you do need to get the right answer.

Contest History

Moved to its own page

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