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Quisalas Retired from Radio KoL. Her last show was the 7th of September 2012

Quisalas (#1204605)

 Show Name:  Q Continuum 
 Prize Multi:  Prizesalas (#1907780) 

 Age:  30! 
 Sex:  Female 
 Location:  Tampa, Florida 
 Email:  quisalas.kol@gmail.com 
 Twitter:  QuisalasRah 

Show Times:
Saturdays 10pm-1am EST

What time is that for me?
Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows

After years of devoted listening, Quisalas became a DJ February 1, 2011. A regular among the late-night DJs, she is well-known for doubleshots, contests, risque conversation, and arguing with her broadcast software and Jonathan Coulton. He likes to cut into her goodbyes a lot.



Quisalas is a mother of three insolent children, three insolent cats, two insolent bunnies, a VERY insolent parrot, and is happily married to a largely solent Mista Jei. After 10 years of being mommy dearest and darling wife, she's back in school to eventually become a Veterinarian. She's been a mostly-regular of /radio since she was just two weeks old and won't make any other chat her home. Comics, video games, old school D&D, and science experiments - Quisalas is a nerd from bygone days before everyone with a blackberry thought they were white and nerdy. Every Chem lab, she's praying for something to explode. She got a personalized lab coat for her birthday and wants a pony for Christmas.

Show Times

Saturdays 10pm-1am EST


I love music. I know, that sounds like a cop-out, right? There isn't a genre of music I can't/won't enjoy, although there are definite favorites. I inherited a ton of my music tastes from my parents, along with a ton of mp3s, so 70's music of the rock, folk, funk, disco, and children's varieties are way up there on my list. Anything that involved cheesy love lyrics and rockin' guitar is also a sure bet. I prefer my rap to have more music than swearing in it, but that's not a hard and fast rule. If I can't discern where one word starts and the next begins, chances are it's some kind of screamy metal and I won't enjoy it. I love doing ska shows ont he rare occasion I'm on air when the sun is up because it's bouncy and fun and drowns out child noises. If I'm playing Oldies, it means I'm drowning my sobs of sadness at having more laundry to fold. Fast contemporary rock usually means homework. And of course, Barry White means that somewhere, someone is gettin' it on.

Every time I discover a new band that I think is awesome, I realize the rest of the world found out about them a year or two ago. Maybe ten. It tends to go that way with video games, too. Shadow of the Colossus was awesome, by the way.

Favorite bands include:

Styx, Journey, Queen, Pink Floyd, Steve Miller Band, Jonathan Coulton, Schaffer the Darklord, MC Frontalot, Sublime, Green Day, Ludo, and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.

You will hear:

My opener is Ain't No Rest For the Wicked by Cage the Elephant and my closer is When You Go by Jonathan Coulton. My favorite bumps are by Mista Jei, TechSpawn, YellowToast, VampireGirl, DerektheRed, and Nassive.


There is no genre that I won't listen to and there is no song (except Bodisaniwi's) that I will not play at least once. I love, love, love being exposed to new music. Covers, generally speaking, don't count as new music. I'll always give it a try, but it's an uphill battle. If you have a cover that does something interesting and cool to the music without raping its soul, send it in. Ditto for mashups.


Drinking Contest! As suggested by listener and long-time friend Nassive, I have my very own version of the Radio KoL drinking game. Since chatbot doesn't often get the chance to post three songs without someone chatting in between, the Quisalas Official Drinking Contest goes a little something like this.

You take a drink every time:

1. A bump plays while Quisalas is still talking.

2. Quisalas argues with her bed for being too loud.

3. Quisalas lights up a cigarette while on air. Double shot if Nassive says "Filthy Habit" in chat.

No prizes are awarded for the drinking contest, but we all end up winning!

I like contests! I also like doubleshots.

Fail Doubleshot Contest On the shows where I do all doubleshots, it will be announced if I'm doing a contest that will relate to the number of songs. Sometimes I'll sneak in a single, sometimes I'll sneak in a third song. When it's the single, send a kmail to Quisalas (#1204605) with the band and song name. When it's a triple, just the band name will suffice.

Scattershot Contest I will put a bunch of music into my playlist, including some doubleshots, and then hit shuffle. The doubleshots won't be back-to-back so you'll have to pay attention and utilize the Last Played site. When the second song by the same artist comes up, kmail me the artist name.

In fact, just to be safe, anytime I play a doubleshot when it's not clearly a doubleshot show, send me a kmail (with the band name). I just might decide to do a contest and award the people who pay attention.

Odd Song Out I have another contest that reflects my love of playing a lot of songs by the same band. Often when I'm listening to music on my own, I will play huge blocks of my favorite bands back to back. When I do this during a show, there will be a song during the set (usually just one, maybe two) that aren't by the same band. When I play these tricksy songs, send me a kmail with the band name and be entered into the contest!

Usually, if I get enough entries for each round, I will roll off the entries and declare a winner for each contest song. I will always roll off EVERY person who sent me a contest entry at the end of the show, so if you don't win the song roll off, don't despair! Entering the contests more often give you a better chance at winning the final entry! If you send me an entry for each contest song and just can't win with chatbot, worry not! I will always send a little sump'm sump'm to the people who are devoted and loyal listeners and show me they care by being involved and send me a message for each contest song.

You can enter for each song once, per human person, no multis. If you start a show with one account and end with another, just let me know which one you want the prizes sent to.


Each contest song will be rolled off for a prize of 100,000 meat.
The total entries per show will be rolled off for a prize of 1,000,000 meat and a Radio Button Candy.
Listeners who send me every single contest song will win either 100,000 meat or a Radio Button Candy, depending on my stock of each and the number of people who meet this requirement.

I will only do contests if my prize multi Prizesalas has the resources donated to her to enable the contests.


Once an avid collector of all things in whatever contest is running right now, Quisalas has hung up her Ricket costume and needs to find a new shtick. Her complete collection of radio items pre-date her being hired as a DJ, with the vast bulk of it coming from Amplitude's last show. She has the largest collection of demon skins in the game and still giggles at their cute little tails.

Quisalas wants your bumps! Record yourself saying any variation and pronunciation of the name Quisalas and she just might shower you with love and adoration. Foreign language bumps are also a special love of hers. You don't have to speak another language well to please her, she doesn't know the difference anyway!

Listener Comments

LostInThought: great show! great theme! would listen again! A+

NeoSapien: Quisalas, you have put together a most excellent display of music tonight, and the fact that you take instant requests for songs you had just dropped from the mix is pretty darned awesome.

  From iamnotvoldemort (#1436208)
  Date: Thursday, June 30, 2011, 01:02AM


Sabralla: Strip scrabble, strapons and Kenny Rogers
Sabralla: Welcome to Quisalas' show.

minders: quis. i love you. srsly. so hard. right. in. the. face. <3

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