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|showtimes=Weekends 7 - 11 PM EST
|showtimes=Weekends 7 - 11 PM EST
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 Show Name:  Loathing World Order 
 Prize Multi:  Tiny Plastic RBK (#1784050) 

 Age:  32 
 Sex:  Male 
 Location:  Suburban Seattle WA 
 Email:  djrbk.kol@gmail.com 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
Weekends 7 - 11 PM EST



RBK is short for Ronin BlackKnight a character he created for a pro-wrestling roleplaying board, (also known as an E-Fed.) Both the terms black knight and ronin refer to a dark, free agent type of warrior, while the abbreviation RBK was a take-off of "HBK" Shawn Michaels. RBK has used this character name in one form or another throughout his gaming history.

It was one of his friends on the rolplaying board who introduced him to internet radio, a station based around the game Second Life, hence becoming DJRBK. RBK spent a few months there before he moved on to another station based around the game City of Heroes. He stayed there until the station folded due to an increase in the royalty structure, (for details on this go to savenetradio.org, a group that RBK still supports)

RBK came to the Kingdom of Loathing in August 2008, shortly after he stopped being able to afford World of Warcraft, and needed a free-to-play game to feed the beast of his MMOG addiction. When he discovered Radio KoL, he immediately wanted to get back onto the broadcasting bandwagon. This was intensified after having to deal with a family emergency involving his father, when the /radio listeners were particularly helpful in helping RBK cope with it.

After three months and two hiring opportunities, RBK was finally hired on November 19, 2008, (along with Urutsini and Bam). On November 21, 2008 at 7PM EST RBK debuted on the air with Radio KoL, (debuting to a technical difficulty firestorm that tends to befall all new FNG's.)

Loathing World Order

RBK's show tends towards upbeat popular (but not necessarily Pop) music. (I <3 Larzdapunk, but you probably won't find much of his music on my show.)

  • RBK was introduced to the world of Nerdcore Hip-Hop through Radio KoL, and repays the favor by playing it often.
  • RBK is a big fan of the parodies, from Weird Al, Bob Rivers, Dr. Demento, The FuMP, Cledus T. Judd, etc. He also occasionally has stand-up comedy bits.
  • RBK's brother has shared a lot of Industrial and gothy music with him. While he likes what he's heard, he doesn't know a LOT about the genre, so listeners might need to be fairly specific with their requests.
  • RBK has a small collection of anime music, and will probably end up with a lot more if Xenotaku has anything to say about it. He has an obscene amount of Final Fantasy soundtrack music though.
  • RBK is picky about the Country music he'll play on his show. Please don't be offended if he does not play a particular country request that is sent in. That being said, there is some Country he likes, and you might be surprised at some of the things he will play. (See Cledus T. Judd above)
  • RBK is the same way with rap/hip-hop. Most of it outright annoys him, but there's some stuff out there that is good. It's really hit or miss.
  • RBK avoids overtly Christian music, let's just say he doesn't swing that way anymore.
  • Do not request Freebird. You will not get what you think you're gonna get.

RBK's vocal stylings and inflections have been compared to those of KolMohDee. RBK is never quite sure if this is a compliment or an insult. This has already turned into a bit of a running gag among RBK's listeners.

Playlist information

My full playlist will be posted shortly in two weeks...?

Until then, the Last.fm link below should give you a good idea of what RBK plays. (RBK usually leaves scrobbling on during his show.)

RBK's Top Artists


Tagging policy

All tracks in RBK's main library are regularly checked against and verified by the MusicBrainz community music metadatabase MusicBrainzLogo?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=powered_by_musicbrainz.png

Contest Information

Donations are currently accepted by Tiny Plastic RBK (#1784050).

Current Contests

Easiest. Contest. EVER.

Initiated on Christmas Eve 2008, and repeated whenever RBK is in a particularly giving mood, RBK will announce the "Easiest. Contest. EVER." All you have to do is send in a K-Mail. That's it! It doesn't matter what's in the K-Mail. (Attaching items to the K-Mail, while appreciated, will have no bearing on your chances to win) Just send in a K-Mail in to (#1741575) before the deadline. It's so simple that anyone who screws it up doesn't deserve to win, therefore anyone who sends in a BLUE message instead of a GREEN K-Mail, is disqualified. RBK will conduct a roll-off powered by Chatbot among all valid K-Mails to determine the winner.

More contests will be deployed soon. The more meat and/or items I get, the sooner I will come up with stuff.

Contest Design Bounty

RBK will pay 1 RBC to the person who submits a contest idea that RBK uses on the air. Additionally, the designer will be immortalized in the contest description on this very page.

Contests must be functionally different than those used on Radio KoL by any other DJ, past or present. That is, you can't submit a smaller stakes "Little Package" or a "Let's Make a Deal" with a different "call-on-cue" target

Submit your contest ideas to RBK in the form of a K-Mail.

Prior Contests

Bump Contest

RBK held a bump contest from December 5th-19th 2008. Listeners submitted short sound clips related to RBK's show. RBK purposefully left the content criteria very vague, encouraging listeners to be as creative as possible. RBK selected the best of the submitted entries, and aired the finalists on his show for the audience to vote on the overall winner.

The Grand Prize of 1 Mr Accessory, (personally purchased by RBK himself to support the Kingdom of Loathing,) was won by Chadomancer. RBK gave Radio Button Candies to aarkwilde, Amilianna, Bodisaniwi, Hawksmoor and Sykron for entering. (Aarkwilde actually submitted two entries, but only received one RBC as per previous stipulation)


BarKoL Test


Heart: 42% Diamond: 19% Spade: 32% Club: 7%


RBK's LiveJournal


RBK's Twitter (Side note: Wiki-markup hates JavaScript, otherwise there would be a nifty little gadget here...)

Listener Comments

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