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This is the community portal page. Please add links to important websites.

Radio KoL Related Links

  • Radio KoL IRC Chat - A CGI gateway to connect to SynIRC, the server host for the official Radio KoL IRC Chat. See the wiki page for further information about IRC and #radio-kol.
  • Radio KoL Recently Played Songs - Grinder's incredible site that tracks all music played on Radio KoL. Also includes a search function.
  • RKoL Firefox Extension - Adds an icon in lower right corner of the window that provides current DJ, Song, Band and more!
  • Radio KoL on - A group for Radio KoL listeners and DJs, originally started by JimmyAtcha and now maintained by opai, comparing and charting the musical tastes of us all.
  • Radio KoL LJ Community - The Radio KoL LiveJournal Community, often featuring news and chat from DJs and listeners.
  • Radio KoL CafePress Page - A place to buy a few T-shirts and so forth with radio logos on them.
  • Jick and Skully Show Archive - Archives of the Monday Night 120 minutes with Jick and Mr Skullhead and the Thursday night Jick Show
  • DJ Mapping Info - A special page set up for any programmers who need information to map from the stream information to the current DJ.
  • Resources - A collated list of all supported and/or useful radio-related software that users may find useful.
  • Rules of Radio Chat (Unofficial) - The very very unofficial rules of /radio chat as defined by our very own Kaka.... Humorous on occasion...

Kingdom of Loathing Related Links

Music Related Links

  • Winamp - The most-used program for listening to Radio KoL.
  • Audacity - A popular music editing and conversion program.
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