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Thanks for your interest in donating to keep Radio KOL "on the air".

Radio KOL is completely funded by listeners and fans. Your donations will be used only for purposes directly related to the running of the station. At the current time, the only things your donations might be used for are:

  • Radio Server Fees
  • Radio Website Hosting Fees
  • domain registration fees

Here are the Donation and Spending Records. We aim to update them every two months, although this time it was four... sorry about that.

If you wish to donate, please click on the "Donate" button above, or send to the paypal user '' (please do not send e-mail to that address, as it will not be read)

New Support Option for the Radio!

The links below will take you to a paypal page where you can sign up for a 'subscription' to the Radio. This is a way to show your support by committing to a regular monthly donation.

Subscribers who wish to be identified will have a special icon and designation in the forums as "Radio Patron". If you subscribe, and wish to have a special forum icon, e-mail at with your forum name and the e-mail address you used to make the paypal payment.

If you wish to sign up for a larger monthly donation, you can either sign up for multiple "subscriptions" or e-mail at and we will accomodate.

Subscribe for $5 per Month <paypal>5</paypal>
Subscribe for $10 per month <paypal>10</paypal>
Thanks for making Radio KoL a part of your day! Radio KoL A Radio Station is Us!
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