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The Rebus Contest

Originally inspired by Riboflavin's "Meat, Lose, or Stall" contest, the Rebus Contest is an image/word puzzle in which a Kingdom of Loathing in-game item is depicted. This contest is found on A Taste of Rainbow with DJ Lehks

Lehks will begin by posting an example in chat, and following through the steps. He will then post the actual contest image.
Successful entrants will be one of the first 5 listeners to solve the puzzle and KMail Lehks both the answer AND their reasoning for their answer.

Example 1

sailboat (sailboat)
- eye (salboat)
- boa (salt)
+ tea (salty)

hot dog (hot dog)
- ho (t dog)
- tea (dog)

Answer: Salty Dog

Example 2

door knob (door knob)
-door (knob)

gobble (gobble)
-bull (gob)
+line (gobline)
-e (goblin)

hair (hair)
+emmy (hairemmy)
- me (hairem... harem)

bed pan (bed pan)
-bed (pan)
+tsar (pantsar)
-r (pants)

Answer: Knob Goblin Harem Pants

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