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 Show Name:   
 Prize Multi:  Nitch (#1159156) 

 Age:  23 
 Sex:  Half Man, Half AMAZING! 
 Location:  Dirty South 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
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When I'm On

All times EST (GMT-5)

Wednesday: 3 AM - 6 AM

Who I Am

Dazzlingly good looking, amazingly awesome, Regerar combines the sophisticated charm of James Bond, the swift cunning of Jet Li, and the rugged, wicked-cool of Bruce Campbell to create THE Ultimate Man/DJ/Fighter of the Undead!

What I Do

Regerar stands alone as the last bastion for humanity against the ever growing tides of the undead scourge. He removes them from the planet with surgical precision and cold, calculated remorselessness. Oh, and he still finds the time to rock your socks with the best tunes evar... so what's your excuse for holding off on whatever it was you were considering doing?

Contests and Donations

To Be Announced. Seriously. Donate to Nitch (#1159156), I'll announce the contests at the start of the show.

Contacting Me

Hi, you've reached I can't take your email at the moment. Attach your request in MP3 form and i'll get back to you as soon as possible. Fighting the undead takes alot of time, man!

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