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We here at Radio KoL have come up with a list of the following programs to help make your listening experience enjoyable. Even in the categories we make recommendations in, nothing is really required, except that you have something to hear the stream on.

We've noted which programs are for which operating systems, "cross-platform" means that there is a version for each OS, Windows, MAC OSX and Linux. (And for the record, I do know that there are other UNIX-like operating systems out there besides, Linux, I am admittedly lumping them all in with this definition)

Where relevant, we've also indicated how much the programs cost, if anything.


Listen to Radio KoL

The following programs will connect you to the radio stream.

  • Winamp - Recommended - Arguably the most-used program among Radio KoL listeners, Winamp was developed by the same team that developed the SHOUTcast protocol, (before Winamp was bought out by AOL). Windows only
  • iTunes is an alternative for Windows, and is the default for MAC OSX
  • Totem is the default SHOUTcast player for Ubuntu, and is a common player on GNOME based Linux distributions
  • Amarok is a popular player for KDE based Linux distributions. It's also available for MAC OSX and Windows
  • VLC Media Player is a platform independent media player
  • X Multimedia System (XMMS) is a Linux audio player, that is very similar to Winamp.
  • Songbird is an open source, platform independent media player and web browser based off of Mozilla

If you have more than one of these programs installed, make sure that the one you want to listen to the stream on is the one you have .PLS files associated with it.

It is possible to listen to RKoL via Windows Media Player, but to do so one needs to copy the radio link, paste it in the Open URL of WMP, and remove the "listen.pls" portion, leaving just

MP3 Recording

Use the following to record bumps for the DJ's, or to create your aircheck for when you apply to be a DJ yourself.

  • Audacity - Recommended - A free, cross-platform open source program for recording and editing sound.
  • Adobe Audition a professional sound engineering program, (great if you can acquire it, $349 USD, free trial) Windows only

File Tagging

When submitting your MP3's to the DJ's, most prefer to have properly tagged files. Most DJ's prefer to have their MP3's labeled in the "Artist Name - Track Title" format. The following programs will help make sure your tags are broadcast quality.

  • Winamp has an internal tagger that uses the Gracenote database to lookup track information.
  • MusicBrainz Picard Platform independent album-based tagger that accesses MusicBrainz' own metadatabase. Freeware, though the MusicBrainz website has occasional donation nags.
  • Magic Tagger Another tagging program that accesses MusicBrainz & FreeDB databases. Shareware, (€19 EUR,) batch file processing requires paid unlock. Windows only
  • MP3 Book Helper Open Source tagger. Windows only
  • ID3-TagIT no longer actively developed, but still functional. Windows only

Use caution with the Auto-Tagging features of these programs, and verify that the data that it is writing is correct.None of these programs are foolproof, and they tend to make educated guesses based on what is currently written in the tags.

File Conversion

Most DJ's will only accept MP3 files, (See the individual DJ pages for specifics on what they can and cannot play.) Use the following programs to convert your file into one the DJ can use

  • Audacity can export any file it can open files into MP3, no batch processing though.
  • Xilisoft Audio Converter is a shareware ($23.95 USD) program that can convert M4A, AAC, WMA, WAV, FLAC, OGG, APE, MP2 and VQF into MP3
  • Any Audio Converter is a freeware program that can convert unprotected WMV, MP4, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC, M4A and MP2 into MP3. It can also rip the audio track from AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, ASF, and FLV video files into MP3.
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