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*Rule 0 of /radio: Real life comes first. Don't let /radio or KoL come in the way of job/school/personal obligations.
*Rule 0 of /radio: Real life comes first. Don't let /radio or KoL come in the way of job/school/personal obligations.
*Rule √-1 of /radio : The DJ is always right. usually
*Rule √-1 of /radio : The DJ is always right. usually
*Corollary to Rule √-1 of /radio : Any DJ not observing any or all of The Rules is right. always.
*Rule 1 of /radio: Never give [[Kakadesu]] or [[Lady Arsenic]] ideas... Like ever.
*Rule 1 of /radio: Never give [[Kakadesu]] or [[Lady Arsenic]] ideas... Like ever.
*<span style="background-color: gold;">Rule 1.618 of /radio: The Golden rule</span>
*<span style="background-color: gold;">Rule 1.618 of /radio: The Golden rule</span>

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Rules of /Radio chat

First, you questioning the DJs was not part of our negotiations nor our agreement. And secondly, you must be in /radio for the /radio code to apply. And thirdly, the code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules. Welcome aboard /radio, Miss Turner. - Capt. Barbossa

The rules stated here are the unofficial rules of the chat channel known as /radio. They are mostly a humorous set of guidelines.

It is highly amusing to see who is following them ... Particularly #8 religiously.

The Rules

  • Rule Adorable of /radio: If there is Spawnie, there must be "Blunt the Knives"!
  • Rule -2 of /radio: The Game Chat rules are not to be trifled with. Read them, learn them, live them, love them. THE RULES
  • Rule -1 of /radio: Mods are Mods, DJs are DJs, DJs are not Mods. (Most of the time). Minimods are not mods or welcome. If you have an issue in the channel, find a mod.
  • Rule 0 of /radio: Real life comes first. Don't let /radio or KoL come in the way of job/school/personal obligations.
  • Rule √-1 of /radio : The DJ is always right. usually
  • Corollary to Rule √-1 of /radio : Any DJ not observing any or all of The Rules is right. always.
  • Rule 1 of /radio: Never give Kakadesu or Lady Arsenic ideas... Like ever.
  • Rule 1.618 of /radio: The Golden rule
  • Rule 2 of /radio: Don't encourage Kakadesu or Lady Arsenic... Bad things cometh of it.
  • Rule 3 of /radio: Because Jick secretly hates you... And doesn't want to buy you jam... EVER.
  • Rule 3.14 of /radio: Because we like pie, especially when it's got bacon.
  • Rule 4 of /radio: In soviet /radio, Ceiling Mariachi sees you!
  • Rule 5 of /radio: Don't like the song? There is the off switch.
  • Rule 6 of /radio: There is no rule 6! (AKA: This is not the rule you are looking for, move along.)
  • Rule 6.9 of /radio: Radio does not exist to get you laid.
  • Rule 7 of /radio: One doth not giveth Starkmoon caffeine lightly.
  • Rule 8 of /radio: Radio is so much better naked! Why are you still wearing clothes?
  • Rule 9 of /radio: Radio is full of good advice and bad... The trick is knowing the difference and still doing whichever is more fun!
  • Rule 10 of /radio: Sleep is for the weak... All the cool kids'll stay for another song. (AKA: Sleep! What is that?)
  • Rule 11 of /radio: Radio is all about discussing the music broadcast on the stream... And BOOBS.
  • Rule 12 of /radio: TheFlorist is the DJ. No, really.
  • Rule 13 of /radio: The obligatory "<insert con name here> attendance is compulsory" rule.
  • Rule 14 of /radio: It's radio, there is one one thing I want:
  • Rule 15 of /radio: Boobs... Like, no, seriously... BOOBS.
  • Rule 16 of /radio: Yay Macro... This macro was stolen from Elle Belle and totally freakin' corrupted...
  • Rule 17 of /radio: Radio is fueled by gratuitious playing of Bananaphone, Rick Astley, and the Scissor Sisters' cover of Comfortably Numb.
  • Rule 18 of /radio: The plural of 'smurf' is 'smurves'.
  • Rule 19 of /radio: The DJs have special rules... Please listen to them... Even if you have to take the piss first.
  • Rule 20 of /radio: The radio doesn't exist. It is merely a figment of your deranged imagination.
  • Rule 21 of /radio: The MMG is pure evil incarnated from the very depths of Hey Deze. Merely mentioning it will summon Azazel himself.
  • Rule 22 of /radio: There are three states in /radio: Drunk, Getting Drunk or Hungover.
  • Rule 23 of /radio: PVA is always on. ALWAYS. PVA may or may not be TheFlorist, depending on what Schrödinger says...
  • Rule 23.5 of /radio: TechRat may or may not be PVA. They've never been seen in the same place at the same time, like Bruce Wayne and Batman.
  • Rule 24 of /radio: There are four of this rule in a single set of 24 rules.
  • Rule 25 of /radio: Never give Kakadesu or Lady Arsenic the password to the radio stream, else the apocalypse cometh... ZOMG We're all going to DIE!!
  • Rule 25 Subsection A of /radio: Oh FUCK.......
  • Rule 26 of /radio: Sword = WANG. No excuses.
  • Rule 27 of /radio: Blame whomever you want, it was probably your fault if you need a scapegoat... Me, I just blame Feared Al Yankovic.
  • Corollary to Rule 27 of /radio: Feared Al Yankovic is to blame for everything bad that has ever happened. Yes, including that. And that. And that, too.
  • Rule 28 of /radio: /radio exists to give you shit about giving you shit.
  • Rule 29 of /radio: Your MOM. (Frequently disqualified.)
  • Rule 30 of /radio: Thou shalt smite thy foolish admitter (or whomever is caught out or sprung) with stuff. And a damn fine herpes brick tag to you!
  • Rule 31 of /radio: Thou shalt not question Stephen Fry.
  • Rule 32 of /radio: Thou shalt not question Discworldian's love for Stephen Fry.
  • Rule 32.5 of /radio: Thou shalt not question why Discworldian is outside Stephen Fry's place with binoculars.
  • Rule 33 of /radio: If this rule were Jesus, it'd be dead by now.
  • Rule 34 of /radio: /radio is NOT the internet.
  • Rule 35 of /radio: Thou shalt not discriminate against burritos.
  • Rule 36 of /radio: Thou shalt not name new items, monsters or content. That's what smurves are for.
  • Rule 37 of /radio: STOP CONFUSING THE DJ! LOOK . . . SHINY THING!
  • Rule 38 of /radio: If children shouldn't see it, /radio shouldn't see it. If your boss shouldn't see it, add 'NSFW'.
  • Rule 39 of /radio: If it's got sound, give it a freaking obvious sound warning you useless idiots.
  • Rule 40 of /radio: Thou shalt not flame . . . please.
  • Rule 41 of /radio: People who obsess about overcorrections of English are morons, up with which /radio will not put.
  • Rule 42 of /radio: This was the answer, now what was the damn significance again?
  • Rule 43 of /radio: Do not Huggle KMD.
  • Rule 44 of /radio: Neither stanley nor BlortHorc are allowed to call KMD "Big Pappa"
  • Rule 45 of /radio: If there is a Celsey, there must be Bowie.
  • Rule 46 of /radio: Anything you rub your butt on is yours to keep.
  • Rule 47 of /radio: If you stick out your tongue, you have to use it.
  • Rule 48 of /radio: FNG stands for whatever we say it does.
  • Rule 49 of /radio: Do not feed the FNGs!
  • Rule 50 of /radio: "Old" content is =NEW= to newbs and folks who have been stuck in RL... answer game questions in PM.
  • Area 51 of /radio: The truth can be out there. Or in here. We're safe as long as nobody knows.
  • Rule 53 of /radio: If Bodisaniwi doesn't know the linguistical origin of a word, then the word doesn't exist and you must cease using it in chat.
  • ..
  • Rule 66(6) of /radio: Sparkly vampires are not good subjects for books, movies, or any other media format - current or yet to be invented.
  • ..
  • Rule 68 of /radio: How about I owe you one?
  • Rule 68.999 recurring of /radio: If there's something strange playing on /radio, it's Bodisaniwi's fault.
  • Rule 69 of /radio: *snigger*
  • Rule 70 of /radio: Your failure to understand BlueStu's finely crafted puns does not preclude their being funny. Or a good try, anyway.
  • Rule 71 of /radio: It is not music any more after Bodisaniwi has had his/its (we're not sure which) way with it.
  • Rule 72 of /radio: If Bodisaniwi posts a link in chat then unless he confirms otherwise, assume the link contains loud unnatural sounds and turn your speakers down before clicking. Actually, even if Bodisaniwi does confirm it is quiet, it is probably a good idea to turn down the volume anyway - knowing Bodisaniwi, the saying "the silence was deafening" may still apply.
  • Rule 73 of /radio: Despite evidence to the contrary in the radio cam room, Bodisaniwi is neither the DJ name of Rick Astley nor has he hired the former 1980s singing sensation as a video stunt double. You may have been visually rickrolled.
  • ..
  • Rule 76 of /radio: Chadomancer is the bumpsmith. (An award winning bumpsmith at that)
  • Rule 77 of /radio: Hot Pho (the 77th Radio KoL DJ) is (still) the sizzling hot bumpslut.
  • ..
  • Rule 80 of /radio: We can dance if we want to.
  • Rule 81 of /radio: We can leave your friends behind.
  • Rule 82 of /radio: 'Cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of mine.
  • ..
  • Rule 88 of /radio: My trilogy is better than your trilogy.
  • Rule 90 of /radio: If the DJ rants, then the DJ's opinion is always right and beyond dispute. If you know information to the contrary, then keep it to thyself as your information is wrong. Only a troll dares dispute the ranted opinion of the DJ.
  • Rule 91 of /radio: If an argument breaks out in chat with no agreement in sight, then the rights and wrongs of the argument is settled by: "Who has the best pair of boobs?" If the people arguing can't agree, then both sides must post images in chat so that the rest of radio can look and decide. (NB Moobs are not strictly speaking Boobs so anyone posting an image of their Moobs face an automatic 50% score penalty).
  • ..
  • Rule 96 of /radio: All holes will be filled. 96 is the perfect number in your bedroom.
  • ..
  • Rule 98 of /radio: Listen to Radio KoL.
  • Rule 99 of /radio: ???
  • Rule 100 of /radio: PROFIT!
  • Rule 101 of /radio: PROPHET!
  • ..
  • Rule 1975 of /radio: If there is an Omnifrog, there must be Disco.
  • Rule 1985 of /radio: NO DISCO!
  • ..
  • Rule 2012 of /radio: Your doomsday prediction is wrong.
  • ..
  • Rule 4000 of /radio: This port is always taken. Always.
  • ..
  • Rule 1300135 of /radio: Seriously.
  • ..
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