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Rules of /Radio chat

The rules stated here are the unofficial rules of the chat channel known as /radio. They are mostly a humorous set of guidelines. But it is highly amusing to see who is following them.... Particularly /8 religiously.

The Rules

  • Rule 0 of /radio: Real life comes first. Don't let /radio or KoL come in the way of job/school/personal obligations.
  • Rule 1 of /radio: Never give Kakadesu or Lady Arsenic ideas... Like ever.
  • Rule 1.618 of /radio: The Golden rule
  • Rule 2 of /radio: Don't encourage Kakadesu or Lady Arsenic... Bad things cometh of it.
  • Rule 3 of /radio: Because Jick secretly hates you... And doesn't want to buy you jam.... EVER.
  • Rule 3.14 of /radio: Because we like pie, especially when it's made from bacon.
  • Rule 4 of /radio: In soviet /radio, Ceiling Mariachi sees you!
  • Rule 5 of /radio: Don't like the song? There is the off switch.
  • Rule 6 of /radio: There is no rule 6! (AKA: This is not the rule you are looking for, move along.)
  • Rule 7 of /radio: One doth not giveth Starkmoon caffeine lightly.
  • Rule 8 of /radio: Radio is so much better naked! Why are you still wearing clothes?
  • Rule 9 of /radio: Radio is full of good advice and bad..... The trick is knowing the difference and still doing whichever is more fun!
  • Rule 10 of /radio: Sleep is for the weak.... All the cool kids'll stay for another song. (AKA: Sleep! What is that?)
  • Rule 11 of /radio: Radio is all about discussing the music broadcast on the stream...... And BOOBS.
  • Rule 12 of /radio: TheFlorist is the DJ. No, really.
  • Rule 13 of /radio: The obligatory "<insert con name here> attendance is compulsory" rule.
  • Rule 14 of /radio: It's radio, there is one one thing I want:
  • Rule 15 of /radio: Boobs... Like, no, seriously... BOOBS.
  • Rule 16 of /radio: Yay Macro... This macro was stolen from Elle Belle and totally freakin' corrupted....
  • Rule 17 of /radio: Radio is fueled by gratuitious playing of Bananaphone, Rick Astley and the Scissor Sisters cover of Comfortably Numb.
  • Rule 18 of /radio: Blame twanky.
  • Rule 19 of /radio: The DJs have special rules... Please listen to them.... Even if you have to take the piss first.
  • Rule 20 of /radio: The radio doesn't exist. It is merely a figment of your deranged imagination.
  • Rule 21 of /radio: The MMG is pure evil incarnated from the very depths of Hey Deze. Talking about it will summon Azazel himself.
  • Rule 22 of /radio: There are three states in /radio: Drunk, Getting Drunk or Hungover.
  • Rule 23 of /radio: PVA is always on. ALWAYS. PVA may or may not be TheFlorist, depending on what Schrödinger says . . .
  • Rule 24 of /radio: There are four of this rule in a single set of 24 rules.
  • Rule 25 of /radio: Never give Kakadesu the password to the radio stream, else the apocalypse cometh.
  • Rule 26 of /radio: Sword = WANG. No excuses.
  • Rule 27 of /radio: The plural of 'smurf' is 'smurves'.
  • Rule 28 of /radio: /radio exists to give you shit about giving you shit.
  • Rule 29 of /radio: Your MOM. (Frequently disqualified.)
  • Rule 30 of /radio: Thou shalt smite thy foolish admitter (or whomever is caught out or sprung) with stuff. And a damn fine herpes brick tag to you!
  • ..
  • Rule 33 of /radio: If you were Jesus, you'd be dead by now.
  • Rule 34 of /radio: /radio is NOT the internet.
  • ..
  • Rule 37 of /radio: STOP CONFUSING WES!
  • ..
  • Rule 42 of /radio: This was the answer, now what was the damn significance again?
  • ..
  • Rule 66(6) of /radio: Sparkly vampires are not good subjects for books, movies, or any other media format - current or yet to be invented.
  • Rule 68 of /radio: How about I owe you one?
  • Rule 69 of /radio: *snigger*
  • ..
  • Rule 77 of /radio: Chadomancer is the bumpsmith. (An award winning bumpsmith at that)
  • ..
  • Rule 96 of /radio: All holes will be filled. 96 is the perfect number in your bedroom.
  • ..
  • Rule 99 of /radio: ???
  • Rule 100 of /radio: PROFIT!
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