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{{DJBio|color=darkblue|showname=THE CHAIN|image=|imagenote=[diSCwORLdiaN]|age=23|sex=Girly girl|location=South Wales, UK |multi=dissquirreledian (#1721945)|}}
=When She's On=
All times EST (GMT-5)
:Sunday: 6 AM - 10 AM<br>
:Wednesday: 1 PM - 4 PM<br>
=Who She Is=
The first ever non-native-English-speaking RKOL DJ!  Born in the Netherlands (that's somewhere near Holland, in Amsterdam) but now living in South Wales in the UK, and working as a freelance Translator.  Starting her radio career in GKOL, now working here (but still holding her shifts with the opposition!).<br>
Also, the name has nothing to do with Disco.  Anyone but [[Lehks]] suggesting this will die a horrible death.
She can easily be made to rant by mentioning JK Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Katy Perry and bi-my-man-sexuals. Stopping these rants is a lot more difficult.
=What She Plays=
Oh, you don't want to know about the things she plays with... ;)<br>
Oh!  Music!?  Sorry.  *Adjusts mind to work with less filth*<br>
Decemberists will be played at least many times during my show, and my collection is otherwise eclectic.  Seriously.  If she doesn't have it (and other DJs have ransacked her drive for music!) then email it to her, in MP3 format and properly tagged. No guarantee it will get played immediately, but it will be lined up as soon as possible unless it's grossly offensive (homophobic, sexist or racist, etc).  This includes the band Mayhem and quite a lot of Gangsta Rap.
This is what is on discWorLdian's hard drive:
She will also happily play your bumps! Feel free to send them in to!
=Contests and such=
If you would like to donate, please send items (apart from WANGs) to '''dissquirreledian''' (#1721945)
At any time in any of discWorLdian's shows you are invited to suggest a song that links with whatever track she is playing.  You can do this in two ways:
*In-game: Choose a song from the playlist, and say why this song links up with whatever is on air. Be creative! (K-Mail only please - '''PM will not be accepted''')
*Email: Send a mail to containing the title and artist of the song, a properly tagged MP3, an explanation of the link (once again, be creative!) and your player name and number. Check discWorLdian's playlist above before emailing tracks - she may already have it.
You can and need only enter '''once''', with '''one''' song. You can always request songs without links, though :).
Prizes are awarded at the end of the show - bonus points for especially imaginative CHAIN LINKS.
==Bump contest==
I need bumps for my show! That's a small bit of audio saying "You're listening to discWorLdian on radio KoL", with something funny/witty/original and possibly some music in it. I will also accept bumps for THE CHAIN (explaining the contest rules, for instance). Send any submissions in as MP3s, properly tagged, to, before 9 AM EST on December 6th.
The winners are:
* BlueStu (Mr. Accessory)
* Ollie Oxenfree (Radio Button Candy)
* Amilianna (Radio Button Candy)
==Discworldian wants your WANG!==
Okay.  DiscWorLdian has been a vegetarian for about 14 years.  She is tempted by the delicious scent of sausages (and corned beef, but we won't talk about that right now).<br>She has agreed to eat a meat-based sausage of her choosing, but ONLY if we get enough sausage-based donations!  In the true spirit of RKoL, the discussion turned rude and it was decided that we need 100,000 WANG to enable this to happen).  That's not turns of WANG - it's the item. So if you want to help, please '''don't use your WANGs, just send them in a package.'''<br>
When this has been collected, discWorLdian will eat a sausage live on air.  Not a WANG.  Precedent shows that's not allowed.  She will also give away all her WANG.  The Dutch like to share the love ;)
Please send all wangs to '''discWorLdian''', not the prize multi.
==Sassy Serenading Assistant==
BlindingPhil is discWorLdian's glamorous assistant.  He has sequins and everything!  He can do what she can't.  Sing.  He has offered to serenade whoever sends in a suitable donation and a song request.  Basically, send something you think is worth a song and tell him what to sing.  We'll find a backing track if you don't have one, and it will be done as soon as he learns the words/doesn't have tonsillitis.  Generous bribes (and boobs) may speed up this process.
*First song (This Charming Man) bought by Tom the Mighty
"I need a mashup of Bananaphone and Crazy Frog.  The need for this devours my soul."  The best mashup received before a date yet to be decided will win a lot of stuff.
=Contacting Her=
Email or send a friendly PM.

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