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Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows="display:none" Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows="display:none"
Sassy Staci
Sassy Staci (#2404719)

 Show Name:  The Crazy Bitch Show 
 Prize Multi:  Sassy Staci Prize (#2697660) 

 Age:  21 + experience 
 Sex:  Female 
 Location:  Greensburg, Pa 
 Twitter:  @sassyandcrazy 

Show Times:
Tuesdays 6-8 pm EST and Thursdays 7-10 pm EST

Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows



So you want to know about me? I have three girls, one of which is Angelwings in the kingdom. Pandapants and I are engaged. I watch tons of TV currently watching Game of Thrones. Love having conversations about TV shows. I enjoy Diablo 3, KoL, and puzzle games. I read and do crafts as well. I have to say since I started DJing I have a greater appreciation for different types of music. I try to have an open mind about many things. Although I must say I am not much of a sharing about political views. I watch a ton of movies so we can always have conversations about these too!

Links for your pleasure and to Help others PLEASE check out

Mistress Bam Sells Posh which is total awesome stuff. Please take a look and see if you are interested. You earn rewards every time you buy and can get free stuff!

My kid is going to Virginia this year for band if you would like to help let me know!

SALAD SHOOTER is walking for NAMI please sponsor him!

I started a group on Facebook all are welcome to join:

I sell Thirty-One check it out!

My new business any and all business would be appreciated! I also do facebook parties


Mistress of the Obvious


Show Times

Tuesdays 7-9 pm EST

Thursdays 7-10 pm EST

Thursday May 4 7 to 10 Down the Rabbit Hole

May 9th 7 to 9 pm Soundtrack Tuesday TBD

May 11th 7 to 10 pm Down the Rabbit Hole Country version!


Show suggestions send to or kmail me in game


I will play almost anything. I enjoy many types of music. Ask if you want to hear something. If I don't like it, I will say so and will not play it. I have to say it is my show so I will play what I want and What I like. This show is for fun only and hope you all have some while listening.

As Said above I try to put out a list monthly of what I am planning to do.

Also as for requests, I will play only 2 per person per show and will not repeat requests you have given me before.

I will not play ICP nor Weird Al!

Show Ideas

Currently looking for some good show ideas and contest ideas. Either email me at or kmail me in game.

Which Movie Would You Go See?

Its simple use the google form posted in chat to say which Movie you would go want to see with your in game name. Please do not use Multis as to you can only enter on one account. If you do use a multi, you will be disqualified from this contest and any similar contest I may have! Thank You!

The Movie with the most votes wins. Those that voted for the winning movie will get a small prize package. A roll of will happen among the winning people and that person will get a bigger prize. And be Entered for this monthly prize.

Clue Contest

I occasionally hand out stuff on my show. They may not be much but it is just a little thank you for listening.

The Rules: 1. There will be several rounds like the regular game. Before each round I will roll 2D3 in chat to see how many questions you may ask me that round. Example: If I roll a 2, then you may ask only 2 questions. You can ask a question about location, weapon or killer. In each round if someone guess correctly, only one correct item will be revealed to that person. So even if you get all three right, you only get one correct answer revealed per round. 2. To win a person must answer all three items correctly. Which then ends the game. And must be told they have three correct answers. 3. The location, weapon and killer will all be rolled randomly in chatbot privately before the game begins. 4. All answers must be sent in blue message which is a pm. 5. This is the game board and what the weapon and killer possibilities are:

Next date November 19th

Board and Prizes TBD

Monthly Grand Prize Drawing

This months Grand Prize Drawing will be held end of March sometime

Prize TBD


1. Leo Pard

2. PandaPants

PVP Show and Contest

My PVP shows are usually done once or twice a PVP season. Music includes fighting songs and songs that fit that seasons theme. The contest consists of a certain number or rounds where you blue message (pm) me to be entered for that round and you will be given a number. After 2 songs, I will then roll a dice in chat based on the number of participants. The person with that number will win for that round. The winners of each round will then be entered for the PVP Grand Prize drawing as well as the monthly grand prize drawing.

This Season PVP Show will be Jan 27th

prizes will be announced

PS Donations for this contest would be greatly appreciated!

Rodeo Contest

The Rules are simple. At the beginning of the show I will give out a google form where you put your name and which bull you would like to ride. Ypu only have an hour and half to do this and you do not have to be present for the bull riding. There will be four rounds since there are four bulls. The winner that gets closest or 8 seconds wins. This is done by a 1d8 per person. If there is a tie we will roll until there is a winner. The final round is the winner of the first four rounds going up against each other. This will be run exactly as the regular rounds.


Anything you care to donate please send it to Sassy Staci Prize (#2697660)

In order for me to continue to give such great prizes donations are always needed. But if donations are low prizes will be lower than normal!

I want to thank everyone who has donated <3 You have made the contests even more awesome <3


I collect anything Green in the Kingdom. Since the green is almost completely done Is there anything else awesome that I should collect?

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