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Sathen Retired from Radio KoL. His last show was the 21st of September 2013


 Show Name:  Cookie Filler 
 Prize Multi:  KumaPup (#1872223) 

 Age:  41 
 Sex:  Male 
 Location:  Mesa, AZ, USA 
 Twitter:  Sathen 

Show Times:
Monday 12am-3am EDT Friday 12am-3am EDT
What time is that for me?
Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows



Sathen was dragged over to KoL by Ashallond from a Never Winter Night server that they used to GM on together. Of course Ash didn't know Sathen as Sathen at that time, he was known as someone else so has a super secret account that is a bit older then the Sathen account. Falling in love with not only the game but the community he was forced to create an account that fit him better.

An active gamer and member of the gaming community Sathen runs a D&D game every other weekend, the game has players both in and out of the KoL community. On the side he also does some writing, proof reading and play testing for Catalyst Game Labs. Mostly in regards to Battletech but occasionally other product lines have come across his desk. Asking about a game will often get Sathen distracted and off on a long ramble about games and such.


After the great hard drive crash of February 17, 2009 the collection has been slowly replaced. With an eclectic taste in music, listeners are bound to hear just about anything except gangsta rap or screamy death metal with a focus on swing, blues, classic rock and golden oldies.


Send all requests in .mp3 format to

Songs should be formatted as follows: artist - title.mp3

Songs not fitting the current show or if time runs out, will be added to the ever growing collection to entertain you loathers.

Please include your player name.


At random times Sathen may go into a bit of Beatlemania. Trivia questions related to The Beatles will be asked. Answers should be sent in a k-mail (green message) and a winner will be chosen by chatbot from all the correct entries.

Expanding your vocabulary with RKoL. At random times Sathen may give a definition of a word and it's your job to find the correct word. Answers should be sent in a k-mail (green message) and chatbot will chose a winner from all the correct entries.

Who am I? Listeners get to ask one question per song sent by k-mail (green message) to guess the mystery person Sathen has chosen for the show. (Currently on hold due to only one short show a week)

Donation for contests should go to KumaPup (#1872223).


Sathen collects things Beatles related.

Speak here

Want to say something about Sathen and/or his show? Say it here or forever hold your peace. I wouldve left that guy on the roof too. --Fatgunn 00:40, 13 August 2010 (EDT)

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