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A term that encompasses "the music of Esquivel and others that reveled in dramatic contrasts of dynamics, instrumentation and vocal effects, and wild movements of sound from left channel to right and back again and seemed aimed squarely for the generation of white American males that came of age with Playboy magazine and high fidelity stereo equipment. "Imagine George Jetson as a bachelor: 'Hubba-Hubba!'". From the Space Age Pop Music Page[1]

This music was originally recorded in the 1950s and enjoyed a revival in the 1990s.

Trivia Contest

Questions for RisbyRoan's trivia contest for her Space Age Bachelor Pad Music show on Thursday March 1, 2007. To enter, answer all the questions, or as many as you can and kmail to RisbyRoan (#452104) by 05:30 am EST. The first correct answer will win 100 Martinis. The overall winner will be chosen by rolling a die through Chatbot and will win 1, 000, 000 meat.

This competition is now closed. Jojomojo (#927176) was both the first person to get entirely correct answers, and also won the chatbot roll.

1. Who coined the phrase "Space Age Bachelor Pad Music"? A: Byron Werner

2. What were the four loves in Esquivel's life? A: Music, Cars, Women and the piano

3. In which decade was the Space Age Bachelor Pad Music revival? A: 1990s

4. Who were the two artists on the "Merry Christmas from a Space Age Bachelor Pad" album? A:Esquivel and Ray Martin. I would also accept Miss Lily Banquette, Brother Cleve, The Millionaire, David Moore from the Barnes and Noble site.

5. How many wives did Esquivel have? and when did he marry the last one? A: 6, May 2001

6. What was the name of the only album that "The Wild Voices of the Marty Cooper Clan" ever cut? A: New Sounds... Old Goodies OR New Sounds ... Old Goodies the Wild voices of the Marty Cooper Clan (there is a little bit of confusion over this one)

7. What is the first line in "A Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid"? A: "I could be the oil mop, and you could be the oil" OR "I will be your dust pan, if you'll be my broom" The second one was accepted because of a website that listed the lyrics.

8. What was Sammy Kaye's slogan? A: Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye

9. Who originally performed "Windows of the World"? A: Burt Bacharach

10. Who invented the electric sitar, and which his songs did RisbyRoan play? A: Vinnie Bell, Dawn

11. What is RisbyRoan's favourite Esquivel song? A: Mucha Muchacha

12. Who wrote the theme to Rawhide? And which of his songs did RisbyRoan play? A: Ross Garcia, "Wow" OR Ned Washington and Dimitri Tiomkin. Wikipedia lists these last two, so this answer was accepted.

13. For which bond movie is the George Mann Orchestra's song the theme? A: Casino Royale

14. Which band that Risby played tonight does the following synonym refer to: "Fried cakes with his ignorant cords"? (note each word in that phrase is a synonym of a word in the actual name, except "his") A: Hash Brown and his Ignunt Strings

15. The song "mini skirt" reminds RisbyRoan of a TV Show theme, which one is it? A: Sex in the City.

Good Luck!


The Space Age Pop Music Page [2]

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