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Space Piranha
[Space Piranha]

 Show Name:  Spacey Conquers the Stars! 
 Prize Multi:  piraninator 

 Age:  21 
 Sex:  Piranha 
 Location:  Little Canadia 
 Twitter:  Kinewa 

Show Times:
Saturdays 10PM-12AM, EST (as caseyweederman's cohost)

“You cannot shake hands with a clenched fish.”
~ Oscar Wilde, misquoting himself
"Space Piranha is giggly, lives in Canadia, and, as well as doing her own shows, often co-hosts with caseyweederman."
~ Haplo, on Space Piranha
"If you want to hear a great KOL DJ then you had better watch Uranus as there be Space Piranha about!"
~ Tom Sawyer, on Space Piranha


Spacey and Casey

Spacey especially loves conducting radio shows with her handsome, handsome co-DJ, caseyweederman.


Send requests to Also you can send nice email and we'll catch up. How are the kids doing? Are you still with "spouse?" What's life been like? If you send me a pretty picture I'll draw a picture for you, too.

What you'll hear

Spacey has a wide variety of musical tastes, but on her shows you will mostly hear indie rock, blues and ska. She is always up for requests and loves hearing new music!


Many of Spacey's contests are made up on the spot, and she favours contests that involve creativity and originality. Tune in to hear what new projects she has set up for her listeners!

Fan Art

An artistic rendition of Spacey by the talented TechSpawn.


A piranha wearing a bacon hat, drawn by Erik Redmeat.

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