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stanley's first show was on 7/25/10 and took everyone by surprise, including himself.

A rabble-rouser behind the scenes, stanley fights hard to bring you quality programming, even if Win7 on a laptop sucks balls.

Boom! go the photon torpedoes

 Show Name:  Saturday Matinee 
 Prize Multi:  Khaaaan 

 Age:  Most likely older than you 
 Sex:  as often as I want it 
 Location:  Central New York (state) 

Show Times:
See Schedule


Hi Kids!

Okay, so we have a new schedule, and time has changed yet again. You can find me on the air Tuesdays 2-5 and Wednesdays 12-2. They're pretty much seat-of-the-pants shows, so tune in and hear what happens!

rev 10-Mar-2014

Latest News

10-Mar-2014 Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching, and have I got some fun in mind for you all! Watch the forums, follow the Facebooks and tune in regularly for details. In the meantime, RKoL Prizebot could sure use your help collecting Tequila and Tequila-based items for the give-away. Thanks a ton!

Well, after talking about it for seemingly forever, I have finally swapped out the keyboard in my laptop, so at least my chatting will be improved. Now to get going on that new broadcast rig....

If you're going to be within a reasonable distance of Central New York this [October?], consider joining the stanleys and others for some fun! [UPDATE] The meet is looking for a new weekend. If interested, please cast your vote at the event page.

26-Jul-2012 Held an impromptu bump contest to celebrate my second DJversary. Congratulations to Joy & Grizz who split a 22M meat prize!

08-Apr-2012 Hey, What has two thumbs and is starting his fifth decade ex-utero? This Guy! Join me 7-10p for good music and fun times. You may even win something if you can figure out what all of the songs I play have in common. Congratulations to TheGrinningGoblin won, figuring out all the songs were BillBoard #1's for every year I've been around.

22-Feb-2012 Well, it's been quite a while since I've updated this. The stanling is fast approaching the one-year mark. It seems like forever ago and yesterday at the same time that he joined the streams. I really feel like I should do some sort of MEAT show for today, being Ash Wednesday and all. Not this Saturday, but for March 3rd, I'd love to do an "electric" show. Gmail me track suggestions with electricity, spark, lightning and the like and lets see what we can come up with. Please be sure to include your username. All suggestions will be put into a drawing to win... something.

Speaking of Khaaaan, you may notice that his tequila shelf has been getting steadily more crowded. Come May 5th, all of that will be added to the stash tat RKoL Prizebot is holding for the Great Cinco de Mayo Give-Away. Catch as many different DJs as you can so you can hear all of the promo tracks and better your chances of winning! We're getting close to enough tequila to get that Bodyslam added to the stash, and if a few more swords get coughed up, we might even see some Radio Maracas in there!

Show Content

There's not much I'm not willing to play and requests are always welcomed (and rewarded). Send in requests any time to stanley DOT kol AT gmail and I'll be glad to get them on the air. Send them in during the show, too!

All requests and suggestions played on the air make a person eligible for the Request Roll-Off.


Guess the Requests Currently lacking a regular show, listeners are encouraged to send in as many requests as they like during the show. If something said in chat inspires a song or block to be played, that will count as well. [Only one will count toward the Saturday Roll-Off] With 20 or 15 minutes left in the show, I'll announce how many requests were played. You'll have a designated amount of time to send your guess of which tracks were requests to KHAAAAN. The person with the most correct answers wins! Chatbot will roll in the case of ties.

What's in the Can? That's right, this game, first brought to RKoL by GroktheMad has been resurrected! On a Friday night, get enough people to ask me to do it, and join in the game to see if you can guess what's in the can. Rules: Enter by kmail; send in the specified number of questions per person (human being, not player) per entry period (usually one song). Each person that is the first to identify any given item in the can wins something nice (food or booze). Once all of the items are identified, there will be one last round of entry, where you must kmail me ALL of the items in the can, and some characteristic of ONE item that I specify. This last round, just like the others, is open to EVERYONE. Chatbot will roll from all of the correct entries and the winner will typically get 1 million meat! (or something from KHAAAAN's display case) NOTE: This game requires AT LEAST 5 participants in the opening rounds, or it will not be run to completion for that show, so consider getting some new people listening to the streams and participating in the games.

Request Roll-Off Every show starts new eligibility to get on the Roll-Off List. You get on the list by sending in a request. That's all it takes. (You're welcome to make as many requests as you like, but only the first one during a show counts) A list is "full" when it has 11 names, and a new list and new eligibility, begins. When my Saturday show rolls around I'll ask chatbot to start rolling among those on the list, and the last player standing will receive an RBC and some meat, food n' booze, plus whatever else KHAAAAN chooses to include.

rev. 15-Jan-2013

Donation/Prize Manager

If you're the generous sort, donations for Khaaaan-tests are gladly accepted by KHAAAAN (# 2142396). I'll try to be sure to thank on-air all the people who have made contributions that week.


I'm working on getting my library posted on-line somewhere. Two weeks.

Shit, I swear I had this posted some time ago. I now have my library posted online, such as it may be. Yes, there are double, and even triple entries. Deal with it. Please don't pick something that clearly should not be in the list. I'm working on culling out the stuff that shouldn't be there. Anywho here it is: my library

Updated: 22-Oct-2010

I'm always looking for fresh content from you, the listeners, so fire up Audacity, or even soundrecorder, and send 'em on in!

[This page subject to random updates as I learn more wiki skills]

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