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 Show Name:  StarkRavingRadio 
 Prize Multi:  StarkRavingDJ 

 Age:  27 
 Sex:  Female 
 Location:  Scotland (Formerly Wales) 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
(all times EST)
Monday 1pm-4pm
Tuesday 1pm-3pm
Thursday 5pm-7pm
Friday 1pm-3pm


Show Times

All times EST (GMT -5)

Monday 1pm-4pm
Tuesday 1pm -3pm
Thursday 5pm-7pm
Friday 1pm-3pm

Theme'd Shows

  • Monday: Request Show
  • Thursday: RANDOMNESS!!! Chatbot will roll dice against my playlist to determine what gets played.


As and when I feel like doing them, I have just had a HUGE giveaway for my birthday (23rd November) so likely won't be doing one for a while.

Listener Comments

oh teh noes... nothing here as yet.

go on.... kmail me if you want to say anything about me...

Song Quote

A woman on the radio talked about revolution
When its already passed her by
Bob Dylan didn't have this to sing about you
You know it feels good to be alive
-Jesus Jones
-Right Here Right Now


Radio KoL DJ - hired on August 3rd, 2006.

Sometimes goes by the multi "Starkers." Called Starky, Stark, Starkie and other variations in chat. Look out for Starkmoon, Starkers, The Antistarkmoon, StarkRavingDJ, and StarC_Kmoon (That one being a shared account with Starkmoon)

Moved from Wales to Scotland not so long ago, and so far her toes have not forgiven her!

Currently living in a house with Cat_Killer and Ironfist and Starky children... let the insanity ensue.

She's a lovely delightful Welsh goddess. (As named by Lyxia)

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