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This is the discussion page for Broadcasting >.>

Stuff that needs to be added

Pretty self explanatory section...
  • Sam 3
    • Installation
    • Quick Configuration
    • Extended Configuration
      • HTMweb
      • PHPweb
      • PAL scripting
      • FTP config for that previous (Needs help)
    • Adding Your Music
    • Configuring an encoder
      • Basic encoder options
      • Extended encoder options
    • Sam Tips & Tricks
      • Sound FX
      • AUX1,2...
      • Additional Suggestions (Needs help)


Questions, comments, thoughts, movements, etc go here...

Please see the side-by-side changes via the history tab.
Recently Haplo deleted some content that I felt was helpful. Although I disagree with her reason for deleting it in that a reference alone is not illegal, since it does not explain how to conduct any illegal activity and the text itself is perfectly fine, I can understand how such information might encourage mischievous activities, and so some of it should be rewritten. However, I see no problem with "If you don't currently have .... it is the most respectable". Aside from that, I do agree that the references to using BitComet to download music and the reference to cracking programs should be changed.
The P2P section to plainly stating the fact that some people have used peer-to-peer programs to download music; and the part about the SAM3 crack to something to the effect of "To upgrade SAM3 from the demo version, you need the full-version executable. The SAM 3 license is $199. Many DJs do not have $199 to pay, and share a license with friends to split the cost. Still, other DJs, use less reliable, frowned-upon ways, such using a cracked version. Before you decide what to do, consider that the demo version works fine for the most part, and if the small details are important to you, find three friends to split the license with." ←States facts and discourages illegal activities.
Also, a section on requests, and using them to slowly expand your music library should be added, as well as a section on creative commons music.
Since Haplo made the decision that the previous content was inappropriate, and I'll be busy adding new content, I'll leave it up to her to decide what to do, although I beseech other opinions. :)

  • Considering the currently volatile nature of software and media piracy, my suggestion would be to steer clear of anything that even remotely suggests or infers that it is either acceptable or practiced by anyone at the station, because it would be bad for people to think that. I think it's probably in everyone's best interests if this internet radio station has no association with anything that is considered illegal, and since this wiki is heavily associated with the station, it's probably best not being here either. :) --Opai 18:54, 6 December 2006 (EST)

Requested Content

As I've stated before, I can only write what I know, and I don't know as much as someone like an RKoL DJ. It would be great if a more experienced DJ contributed to the article :)

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