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 Show Name:  The Morning Musical Melange / Aural Sects 
 Prize Multi:  Challahback 

 Age:  30-teen 
 Sex:  Insufficient 
 Location:  Tampa, Florida 
 Email:  djtechrat at the gmails 

Show Times:
Monday/Wednesday 6-8a; Saturday 2-4p; Sunday 12n-4p E[SD]T
What time is that for me?
Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows



Techrat is a kind, humble, subtly witty soul who has difficulty expressing himself in the third person. He is very tall, and somewhat wide, and other dimensions as well.


Techrat suffers from an aggressive case of musical ADD. One never knows what one will hear next - not even him, most of the time. Playlists are built on the fly, reflecting the butt whims and will of active /radio participants, unless a theme has struck him and he feels particularly inspired. The shows are about the listeners' likes and wants as much as - if not more than - his own, so he's open to suggestion.

When TechSpawn, the intern, is in attendance, there's a greater likelihood of Barenaked Ladies, Doctor Horrible, anime music, and other teen-oriented musics. We do this in lieu of paying her, so do please be patient.

Requests: During shows, bluemsg is the preferred method, since he can see it while he's spinnin' the stacks of wax. If you have a specific mp3 you'd like played, email it to "djtechrat" at gmail - it's obfuscated to keep the spambots at bay.


At the moment, Techrat is more concerned with learning how to make the streams do his bidding to fancify things with contests. Once he's out of his water wings, anything's possible.


Techrat hasn't been around KoL long enough to accumulate much of anything. If he collects anything at this point, it seems to be boxes of sunshine, though that is less due to any kind of intent than he spent a lot of time in Ronin and wound up with a stack of them that he doesn't quite know what to do with just yet.

TECHRAT is, of course, an anagram of both RATCHET and CHATTER. Before he was a Radio KoL DJ, he was (and remains) an avid chatter, and is proficient in the use of ratchets in home and auto repair. So he's thinking about taking up collecting tomb ratchets and chattering teeth. Feel free to give him a nudge in that direction if you see fit.

TechSpawn doesn't collect anything, but she has a very real fascination with polar bears. Specifically, she dreams of one day having a polar bear familiar. (And hounds her long-suffering father into asking for one to be created by KoL staff.) If a polar bear familiar ever comes to pass, she will crave them. Keep this in mind, please.

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