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Run by Prima Vera Angelhair, the Albums Show is a way of showcasing music "the way it was meant to be listened to," in full album format. Steering away from "Greatest Hit" compilations, it strives to introduce new sounds and has been known to feature normal albums, compilations of rare and obscure music, soundtracks, and musical scores. The Albums Show was inspired by Mr Skullhead and a comment he made while PVA was listening to his show.

The Albums Show Contest is both a chance to encourage listeners to delve a little more deeply into the selections offered and an opportunity to bolster the musical selection available for the show. With three to six winners possible, the grand prize winner both gets a bigger prize and also is responsible for providing an album or albums for a future show. Some winners have deferred this honor, passing it off randomly to one of the other winners. This method of gathering a wider variety of music and albums has had its ups and downs, but consistently offers a fine array of sounds.

Formerly held on Sunday mornings, the Albums Show has been moved to Mondays due to schedule alterations, thus picking up an extra hour. It began as a two hour show, graduated to three, and now stands strong at four.

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