The DREAD Pirate Wesley

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The DREAD Pirate Wesley
[The DREAD Pirate Wesley]

 Show Name:   
 Prize Multi:  AdorkableDJ (#872596) 

 Age:  NYB 
 Sex:  OMG, Wesley's a GIRL! 
 Location:  Not at your house, poor you! 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
See Schedule

The DREAD Pirate Wesley's first show on Radio KoL was on 7/30/06

Her first song was a remix of Falco's "Rock me Amadeus" Her first request was Pat Benetar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", requested by xxArmageddonxx

Wesley loves 80s music, but will play any and all requests. Occasionally, she will ask that you not send gmail requests or music during the show, but your requests and music files are most appreciated.


Show Times

No shows scheduled at this time.

Show Themes

  • Tuesday, Stupid O'Clock!
  • Wednesday, Randomness Rules!
  • Friday, 80s ROCK and RULE!


  • Requests must be sent to
  • Requests should be in an MP3 format as well as be properly tagged.
  • The Subject Line or Body of the E-Mail must include the Artist and Song Name of the song you are sending/requesting.
  • The Body of the E-Mail should include your KoL Player Name so as to know who is requesting the song.

Wesley has her 80s playlist here: playlist, and will have all her playlists listed on her website soon.


  • Listen for the Princess Bride clip to be played several times throughout my show. When you hear the clip, be the 20th person to blue message The DREAD Pirate Wesley ingame (#664171) and win 250,000 meat and my heart in the form of a heart-shaped balloon.
  • Loud Shirt Trivia - Fridays, listen at 9am for the Loud Shirt Trivia question. Kmail answers, chatbot rolls for the winner. Prize package includes a Floral Print Shirt (loud shirt, get it?), a fire flower (fireswamp, eh), a radio button candy, my heart (heart shaped balloon, of course), and pizza and beer (my favorite Friday food!).
  • Monthly contests coming soon, stay tuned for details.

OMG, they haven't fired me yet!

Past Contests


Contests on "A Walk in the Fireswamp with the DREAD pirate Wesley" are supported by your ingame donations. Please send donations to the Prize Multi, AdorkableDJ (#872596). Thank you for your support, you have my heart!


Wesley's personal webspace can be found at Show times, contest info, archives, and more! check it out!


Wesley attended the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland as well as Carteret Community College.

Wesley fancies herself something of a gourmet from time to time. She loves cooking and baking, as well as writing, reading, horseback riding, working on her car, swimming, sewing, Ren Faires, singing, and making chain maille. She's a body piercer, tattoo freak, and hair color fiend!

Listener Comments


The DREAD Pirate Wesley is a great DJ. She entertains her listeners with great humor, interesting music and great contests. Although radio doesn't exist to give you shit, it does from time to time. And Wesley is not one to be greedy at her contests. Well, that's about all you get out of the Frejman. See y'all in radio chat.


Wesley is my favourite RKOL DJ. She's an unrepentant nerd with a solid appreciation for the '80s, and she tends to go off on tangents that, while random, are always amusing. She works hard to do right by the listeners, even managing to put on a show with no music AND no mic. Wesley may be self-deprecating, but her shows are invariably fun and entertaining. <3


I was once informed that Chloe was a loser. While I believed it, I had to see for myself. Upon listening to her, it was confirmed to be true. How sad I was to find such a sad, under-whelmed lover of all things cool, and whorish. In a path to set things on a correct course, I took the young fawn abreast and taught her the ways of life. It was only after being attacked by a ravenous weasel, the Wesley's arch-nemesis, that our bonds were broken, ne'r to be reattached.

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