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Thraeryn was . . . interesting. He was the host of Thraedio for several months, during which time he reigned as King of the Afternoon World.

Known for his love of The Eagles' song "Hotel California" (which he would play over and over in several different forms), Thraeryn had a stable of Thraedolls and also had a hard time balancing his bandwidth between radio and theKoLwiki, back when it was on a machine in his house. He eventually started turning the wiki off during his show, and that made no one happy. Now that the wiki is on Coldfront, everyone is happy again.

Thrae started off with a pretty music-heavy show, but his limited ability to download requests left him playing a lot of the same songs over and over. He eventually switched to a talk-heavy format. He always opened his show with Guns 'N' Roses, generally alternating between "Welcome To the Jungle" and "Rocket Queen".

Thraeryn eventually stopped DJing because of a rough time in his personal life. Things weren't good, and it was getting hard for him to be happy and reasonable several days a week. Every once in a while, he considers coming back. The urge is reportedly getting stronger as time passes.

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