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Drawn by twanky

 Show Name:  The Massage Parlour
& The Chillin' Zone 
 Prize Multi:  Egads its Urutsini 

 Age:  36 
 Sex:  Male 
 Location:  Australia 
 Email:  djurutsini@gmail.com 
 Twitter:  Urutsini 

Show Times:
(all times US EST) Sunday 7-9am


Basic Info

A listener is you! Click on the following link to get you connected to the radio stream:
64k Server: http://www.radio-kol.net/64/listen.pls
The stream works on most media players including WinAmp, RealPlayer and iTunes. It's approximately 30Mb per hour of listening time.

Urutsini (#129788) is one of six Australian DJs. He was born in Australia in 1978. His Prize Multi is called Egads its Urutsini (#1580689).

Urutsini was the name of his first ever serious roleplaying character in 1996 and the name was chosen from a random selection of Japanese sounding syllables. It has been his online handle since then. In 2007, he was made aware of the fact that the words 'Urut Sini' literally translates as 'Massage Here' in Indonesian. At first he was frustrated until he embraced the idea of being the massage guru.


Urutsini has fairly ecclectic tastes, the only real musical turn-offs would have to be Country and Scream Metal, although he'd be interested in hearing some Country Scream Metal some time, that would be awesome. He likes his dance music and that would be the type of music that he listen to most often at home. He also loves comedic music, more of the stand-up type rather than parodies but it is all made of win. He's not adverse to chilling to 60's lounge music, grooving to 70's beatnik music, bopping to 80's pop music, clubbing to 90's emo/goth music, getting down with 00's Australian hip-hop or getting dirty to 10's dubstep.


Sunday 7-9am US EST (Sunday 9pm-11pm AEST): The Chillin' Zone. With people coming home from partying in the US, relaxing the morning away in the UK and winding down getting ready for the week in Australia, this is the perfect timeslot to play some chilled grooves. Examples include: Lounge, Jazz, Trancey Beats, Dubstep, World Music, Portishead, Massive Attack, Bjork, Enigma etc.

Occasionally, he will throw in a Massage Parlour show which is mixed bag of fun tunes and comedy.

DOCTOR WHO MARATHON: Each year, Urutsini will hold a Doctor Who Music marathon around April. Watch this space for details.


Email: djurutsini@gmail.com

The Sunday Chillin' Zone. See above for what sort of music fits the theme for this show and send it all to him.

Massage Parlour shows are more flexible so send him stuff and things and he will see if he wants to play it.

Requests can be made from this playlist: Urutsini's Playlist.
Anything else you would like to hear can be emailed.

Favourite Music!

In no particular order and certainly not definitive. He has bolded artists that he is missing serious chunks of tunage. Check his playlist and email anything from these artists that he is missing:

Aphex Twin, Portishead, Massive Attack, Bjork, Enigma, Tom Waits, Doug Anthony All Stars (DAAS), Tim Minchin, TISM, Tricky, Nick Cave, Madonna, Franke Potente, Apocalyptica, Aretha Franklin, Bach, Beck, Bill Bailey, The Cat Empire, The Chemical Brothers, Cirque du Soleil, Ella Fitzgerald, Edith Piaf, Faithless, Prodigy, The Goodies, The Herd, Jack Wall, KLF, KMFDM, Max Sharam, Ministry of Sound, Monty Python, The Muppets, Neneh Cherry, Nina Simone, Radiohead, Robin Williams, Sarah Blasko, Scared Weird Little Guys, Tripod, Skyhooks, Sting & The Police, TV Themes, Computer Game Music, Verka Serduchka, Morphine, Nick Cave, Juno Reactor, Massive Attack


Any prize donations are gratefully accepted and can be sent in-game to Egads its Urutsini (#1580689).

Doctor Who Marathon Massive Time Lord Giveaway
Aside from the regular death threats, an awesome time was had by all. Details can be found on the Radio KoL forum.

Massage Party
Urutsini collects, among other things, Scented Massage Oil. Contributions to the collection are encouraged to his main: Urutsini (#129788). He recently passed 1000 . . . YAY! The person that sends Urutsini his 2000th Scented Massage Oil will win 2 Radio Button Candies, 1M meat and Urutsini's love and admiration.

Thanks to Krauseman, he has surpassed the first hurdle of 1000 Scented Massage Oils and he won the first set of prizes 1 RBC and 500k meat.

And now with great generousity from Lizzy_LaVey, he has now attained 2000 Scented Massage Oils and collected 2 RBCs and 1 Meelion meat . . . time to aim for his 3rd thousand!

Enter Urutsini's Dirt-Walled Hovel
http://www.radio-kol.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=21097 Contest over

Other Stuff

Urutsini's first RKoL show was broadcast on November 23, 2008.

Since he directs potential listeners to this page, he wants to make you all aware that this radio station was formed by the fans of an online roleplaying game called Kingdom of Loathing. Chances are we will talk about the game while on air at various points and all contest prizes will be in-game items. He is personally collecting everything related to massaging in the Kingdom. Anything massage related that gets sent to him will go straight into Urutsini's (#129788) Display Case. At the moment that list consists of:
Scented massage oil
Flavored foot massage oil
Personal massager
Sensual Massage for Creeps
Sinful Desires

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