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 Show Name:  Big Tales from Little Canadia 
 Prize Multi:  caseyweederbot 

 Location:  Little Canadia 
 Twitter:  caseyweederman 

Show Times:
Saturdays 8PM-12AM, EST


Casey and Spacey

Casey is rarely seen without his lovely, lovely ex-co-host Space Piranha.

She's got her own shows now, but she's always nearby.


Send any and all requests to I'll play most anything, unless I don't want to. Christmas music MUST be accompanied by egg nog sent to caseyweederbot (or to me in person). Otherwise it gets squelched.


8pm-12am EST, every Saturday.


Setup for 0.8.8 and Above

idjc088.gif Screenshots taken with IDJC 0.8.9_development

Important Notes

In Format, Std. needs to be set to V2 for options 22050Hz and 24kHz to be available under samplerate and bitrate. In upgrading from 0.8.7 or earlier, you need to add in everything into the Format tab. If you're looking for setup information for earlier versions of idjc, see FrankNBeans's page.

What is IDJC?

IDJC is a DJ console for Linux. I use it. You can too.

Installing IDJC

At the time of this writing, you can easily install idjc 0.8.7 from standard Linux repositories. If you want to install anything more recent (0.8.8 was released in August 2012 and 0.8.9_development is available), go to and follow the directions. Find me in the kingdom and I might be able to walk you through it.

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