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Gecko is known by many names. To casual Loathers she may appear as JennaF or DJGecko. Older Loathers may remember a brief invasion of /radio chat by a crazy person called Stickarina. And *thanks* clannies, really. HCO first time out? DUMBEST IDEA EVER. Out in the real world I'm known as Gecko, or occasionally Elizabeth. But I digress.

NOW is a new time, a new day. And that calls for a new voice. One not bound by the whims of a slightly sticky keyboard and limited knowledge of chat functions. No, my friends, today is the day my voice will at last be, unlike Victorian children, seen AND HEARD. Because after years of lurking, at long last a DJ is me.

I like classic rock, pagan folk, stuff I heard a band busking with on the street, classical covers of modern pop mulch, some guy I found on youtube and my friends singing around a campfire while dressed as elves. You might hear any and all of that on my show. Some songs may suck. Send in donations if you don't like them!

There may be competitions. These are likely to be in the form of guessing games, I-spy, or anything else I come up with in a caffeinated stupour. Prizes might suck. Send in donations if you don't like them!

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