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Basic Data

Feared Al Yankovic is a DJ for Radio KoL with regular shows on Friday nights (Saturday mornings) from 12am - 2am, US Eastern Time.

Contact Info

Radio Information

Feared Al's show is just "The Feared Al Show" ... unless it takes place on a Friday. In which case, it is known as "Loud Shirt Friday," a tribute to a friend of his from Charleston, IL, where he attended college at Eastern Illinois University. This tribute has been immortalized in the form of "Captain Loudshirt" by RackhamRose, after a contest recently held by Ashallond.

He has also recently begun co-hosting a show with The DREAD Pirate Wesley called the "Kingdom of FEAR and DREAD." In this show, both DJs bring much "<3 love and evol <3" to the Kingdom at-large, while the two DJs scheme to overthrow it with their combined powers. This show has no set time slot, and usually occurs during one of The DREAD Pirate Wesley's normal shows without much warning.


Usually, his show consists of listener requests, especially for music which some might brand as being "silly," "goofy," or "off-the-wall." Feared Al prefers to call it "novelty" music, and enjoys the stylings of "Weird Al" Yankovic, Dr. Demento, They Might Be Giants, and a capella-style music.

At times, his wife, Macnchz, has been known to take over the show and play her own ecclectic tastes in music, which can be as varied as listening to heavy metal one minute and 80's love ballads the next.

Feared Al also sometimes lets listeners call in on his cell phone and be broadcast on the air. Currently, his Skype and WinAmp setups are incompatible (so don't ask why he doesn't use Skype).

Feared Al's Voices

Because of his odd practice of voice-acting while on-air, Feared Al has developed a plethora of characters -- real and fictional -- who occasionally take over parts of his show. The most common characters are Strong Bad, Sean Connery, Nudie Fruitcakes, and Homestar Runner, though new characters can appear at a moment's notice, like Captain Loudshirt.

Feared Al Rants

Feared Al will periodically stop his playlist in order to "rant." These have been known to range in function from "setting the record straight" about something discussed in chat to making fun of other DJs (especially Merik and NSurgnie), but usually revolve around hoisting up the annoyingly n00bish practices of some listeners for public display. These practices include spamming for a request, asking when their request is going to be played, demanding a contest, whining about not winning a contest, or not utilizing chatbot to find out what songs are being played, the email address for requests, or the name of the current DJ. More often than not, these are not suitable for children and contain many, many swear words at loud volumes.

These rants have been referenced by SunnyD in a bump that is always played before Feared Al rants.


Feared Al currently cannot download songs while broadcasting due to major buffering issues. However, he does access his Gmail account (Feared.Al@gmail.com) in-between shows, downloading all the requests he can before his next show.

  • Feared Al does NOT like being spammed. Repeated requests to play a song can potentially get the song (if already queued) removed and not played. It may also potentially lead to a "Feared Al Rant" (see above).
  • When sending a request to his Gmail, please include:
    • Your KoL Name
    • Artist and Title of the song
    • An attachment of the song, in either .mp3, .wav, or .wma format (.mp3 is preferred).
  • If you are 100% sure he already has a copy of the song, you may request the song through /radio chat, KoL private message, or Kmail (as he doesn't check Gmail while on the air).
  • When requesting that Feared Al send a song to you for your own personal use, please send either a Gmail or Kmail with:
    • Your KoL Name (if sending by Gmail)
    • The email address to which you would like the song to be sent
    • Artist and Title of the song (or a generalization of what it was about, if you can't remember)
    • Please wait 6-8 weeks for delivery
  • Please do not send songs that are not at least a little bit uplifting or funny. "Loud Shirt Friday" is a time for people to kick back, relax, get stupid drunk, and enjoy the radio. Don't send in "Rage Against The Machine - I Scream Unintelligibly Into a Microphone (For 4 Hours)," "The Emo Boys - I Cut Myself Daily (But You Don't Seem To Care)," or "Vecchio Finocchio - The Long Death Throes of a Man Suffering From Terminal Flatulence - excerpts from 'Posteriore (the Operetta)'."
  • Do not send in songs that you just recorded on your home computer five seconds ago to profess your undying love for another player who is listening to the show.
  • Do not send in songs that you just recorded on your home computer five seconds ago to the tune of your own armpit, unless it's really, REALLY funny.
  • Feared Al is notorious for hating Tori Amos, Rush, opera, R&B/Rap, and what has been dubbed as "Angry White Boy Music," and therefore, typically does not play them. However, he loves parodies or mashes that include them, especially ones that are paired with goofy music.


Originally, Feared Al just copied from his namesake, calling his fans "Al-oholics." Since then, fans of the show have taken to calling themselves "Al-KoL-holics," based on a suggestion by Karl Dark. After a discussion with Jezebelle, it was deemed possible to be both a "Jezbian" and an "Al-KoL-holic."

After a contest held in the Radio KoL Forums, Feared Al combined the two contest winners' names to come up with "FAYthful FAYniacs," deemed the new name for Feared Al fans. The winners were glEbs and LazloFruvous.


Usually, the mood has to strike Feared Al right to run a contest, as most trivia questions can be solved rather easily through search engines. However, in the past, counting the number of times the "F-word" has been used in songs, or taking donations to spank Macnchz, have been used in contests, with great cheer from the listeners.

If you have an idea for a contest that does not involve trivia, contact him. If you have something you'd like to donate for a contest, send it to his prize multi, Feared Ai Yankovic (#397886).

DJ History

Feared Al got his humble start in Radio KoL by making station identification and DJ identification clips in some of his character voices. Cassandra, EyeSpeculum, and KolMohDee may have some of these original pieces, which Feared Al coined as "bumps," after the similar visual station identifications used by Cartoon Network's adult swim. These bumps caused KMD to give him the unofficial title of "Station Image Director," which KMD himself has mentioned on-air a few times.

After making several of these audio clips, KMD told him that he should make an audition clip and submit it to become a DJ. The rest, as they say, is history.

Though he has moved and been through four different computers since his initial inception into the Radio KoL DJ pool, Feared Al keeps bringing his unique style and talent back to Radio KoL for his weekly show, which has shifted slightly, but tends to remain on late Friday nights.

KoL History

"Feared Al Yankovic" hasn't been the only name he's gone by, but it's certainly the most memorable. When he first started playing, he went by "Eric Valiant." Since then, he's made the accounts "Noodles MacIntosh," "Nudie Fruitcakes," and "Synesthesia," the last of which was a project to see if people would treat him differently if he were a female in the Kingdom. And they did.

Personal Information


  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Male
  • Status: Married to Macnchz
    • Started Dating: September 7, 2005
    • Started Living Together: December 19, 2005
    • Engaged: April 8, 2006
    • Married: June 2, 2006
  • Location: Midwest City (Oklahoma City), OK
  • Pets: 2 finches, Rhett and Scarlett
  • Job: Office Depot Technology Specialist/Salesman
  • Education: AS with a concentration in Mathematics from Lewis & Clark Community College; currently a double-major in Mathematics and Communications-Broadcasting at University of Central Oklahoma


  • Gaming: Probably taking up TOO much of his time, Feared Al is a faithful player of all games: board, video, or role-playing. Currently, he runs two solo Dungeons & Dragons games, one with his wife, Macnchz, and the other with Starkmoon via Skype. He has also run "one-shot" adventures in D&D at KoL meets, and plans to do another at a future meet.
  • Music: Learning to sing by voice mimicking "Weird Al," Feared Al began really practicing his voice in high school. He is a proficient Bass II, though can sing the full range through some Tenor I. When he was single, he would occasionally serenade listeners with a capella renditions of songs of their choosing.
  • Writing: Though not as often as he'd like, the muse occasionally still inspires him. He keeps a poetry page from high school, a LiveJournal page (http://good-ol-don.livejournal.com), and also writes a fan-fiction-type story of an alternate universe where he is a Batman-like superhero called The Ebon Phoenix. Feared Al's poetry has been published numerous times.

FAY's Factoids

  • Feared Al is following in the footsteps of his namesake and idol, "Weird Al" Yankovic, who became a radio DJ in college at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. Feared Al was once a DJ on Eastern Illinois University's internet station, The Odyssey.
  • FAY was inspired to become a Talk Radio host by Dave Glover, a lawyer-turned-radio-host from St. Louis.
  • The use of the number "27" in contests is a reference to "Weird Al" Yankovic, about whom the number seems to reoccur unexplicably.
  • FAY is one of the few DJs who can claim that he has given away prizes to the likes of other players who later became DJs, such as Prima Vera Angelhair, Cryptic Angel, Merik, and Lillith.
  • Feared Al and Macnchz originally met at Arkanstock (March 2005), at the home of SeveredToe and ArtsyChick. They met again, over Labor Day weekend of the same year, at the same house. This second, chance meeting is when the two began dating.
  • Feared Al doesn't like the Radio Free Foil, but likes the rest of the Radio Free Gear set.
  • During his most recent return to the airwaves, chatbot was not reading the songs on his playlist, so glEbs filled in as chatbot for his first few shows.

Listener Comments

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