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 Show Name:   
 Prize Multi:  Ask 

 Age:  Guess 
 Sex:  Male 
 Location:  Boston 
 Email:  fusilliban@gmail. com 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
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He doesn't play Ode to Joy.

Fusilliban has more game and OCRemix music than any of the other DJs. He tends to play an eclectic mix of happy randomosity past that, and has no shame in expressing his musical taste is better than yours. And honestly? It really is, in general.

He likes Cliffs of Dover, which alone makes it worth looking out for any shows.

There's a good chance that (unless you're listening to the wiretaps he doesn't know about) you are going to hear music you haven't experienced before while listening to Fusilliban's show. Give it a chance. When it comes to his play list the rule is Familiarity breeds content.

For Fusilliban's times please see the Radio KoL schedule

Listener Testimonials

Pastian: Man, Fusi, I always love your shows. They combine kickass songs I've never heard with kickass songs I never hear enough. With the occasional thoughtful rant mixed in for good measure.

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