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Gnocciqueen (#561998)
Queen of the Meep (Level 52)
Account Created:July 08, 2005
Date of Death: May 31, 2016

List of her KOL accounts

Gnocciwhore (#581454), 58 Cents to the Pound
gnocciSLUT (#582596), Carefully training to be His harlequin
crowmomma (#608993), CAW! CAW! CAW!
RUSTneverSLEEPS (#1488887), the Level 30 Turtle Tamer
dumbGAMEr (#2316171), the Level 15 Zombie Master

Her daughter is
gnocciprincess (#1398518)
Her son is
gnocciboy (#1403325)


Gnocciqueen was a well know and loved member of our community. She hung out in many chat channels including: /radio, /newbie, /veteran. She frequently gave out boxes of sunshine, and was a general joy to speak with. She would meet up with other KOL players in person when she could.

In the real world her name was Barbra Crowe. She loved birds and took care of them not just pet birds, but injured wild ones as well. She literally would dance naked in the rain if the mood and weather aligned. She is survived by her husband, Mark Crowe and two children, Robin Crowe and Austin Crowe.


Guest book:


Help for her family:

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