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Basic Data

Image by Splintered

 Show Name:  Haplo's Ultimate Music Party 
 Prize Multi:  N/A 

 Age:  33 
 Sex:  Female 
 Location:  Somerville, MA 
 Email:  djhaplo@gmail.com 
 Twitter:  Not Provided 

Show Times:
See Schedule

Haplo almost assuredly has a Sunday evening show and sometimes also has another show on a weeknight.

Contact Info

Radio Information

Haplo's show is called "Haplo's Ultimate Music Party" or "HUMP" for brevity. Well, ok, less for brevity than for cheap innuendo value.


Possible other acronyms of HUMP:

  • Haplo's Unfortunate Menstrual Pissiness
  • Haplo's Universal Message of Peace
  • Haplo's Underaged Male Popularity
  • Haplo's Unbelievably Moxious Parade
  • Haplo's Unusual Muppet Preoccupation
  • Haplo's Underused Meme Potential
  • Historically Uber Mammary Playtime
  • Highly Unnatural Maternal Parenting
  • Hilariously Unnerving Mental Patient
  • Hot Pho's Ultimate Mischief Partner

Add your own!!


Most HUMPs don't have themes beyond "music that Haplo thinks sounds good." She'll often get on a musical groove and play a certain genre for a while, trying for natural segues to other music: the "Hap-flow."

Likely To Hear (Or Not)

  • Likely To Hear: Jonathan Coulton (Radio KoL's resident Jonathan Coulton fangirl!), pop-punk-ska, a cappella, video game music and remixes, bouncy stuff that makes you chairdance, bellydance tunes, mashups, indie/emo, classical, drum corps/marching band, and operatic metal.
  • Not Likely To Hear: rap/hip-hop, twangy country, screamy thrashy death/black metal.


Make a request! If Haplo respects, likes, or just recognizes either 1) the music or 2) you, and the music doesn't drastically clash with the kind of thing she is playing at the time (see above), it is likely to get played. The best way to get a request played is to send it to djhaplo@gmail.com, especially with an mp3 file attached. Otherwise you can request however you want, with varying rates of success depending on if Haplo's paying attention to that medium.


Haplo%20by%20SenorRandom.jpg Haplo's fans are the Shiny Haplo People--they even have a theme song! (If you want to hear the song or record a version of it yourself, ask!) To become a Shiny Haplo Person, decide that you are one.

Haplo also likes to have people record versions of her "da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Haplo!" intro (originally by Malatise.) Please record one and send it in!

Image by SenorRandom


Contests randomly occur on HUMP. Listen and read the forums to find out when they are.

DJ History

Haplo was brought into the RKOL community through DJ Fusilliban. After getting to know people for a few months, she submitted an application to the station to be a DJ. On November 26, 2004, Haplo aired her first radio show. She has been doing a regular 2-3 shows a week since then. The Sunday evening HUMP has been her regular shift since August 2005.


Haplo has a multi, Haplo3k, which is technically her 'gaming' account. Haplo3k used to be the main, so some old RKoL references will have it as her name.

Personal Information


  • Age: 33
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Pets: 1 cat, 1 dog
  • Job: working at Harvard University
  • Education: University of Oklahoma, BA in Letters / Minor in Physics.


& Fusilliban

Fusilliban%20and%20Haplo%20by%20Inari.jpg This section is just here to host these awesome pictures of Haplo and Fusilliban by Inari and SenorRandom. Fusilliban%20and%20Haplo%20by%20SenorRandom.jpg
Image by Inari Image by SenorRandom


Attention Whoring (pictures)

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