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 Age:  Oct 20 
 Sex:  Male 
 Location:  Chicagoland, Illinois 
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The1Joebob returned to the KoL & RKoL community after a nearly two-year hiatus. You can read about why and what he did during that time, here. Although not currently affiliated with RKoL, The1Joebob enjoys making things for the community and helping out any way he can, and hopes to soon become a more official part of RKoL. There's so much I could do for the KoLmunity if I were a real part of RKoL. If not for the must-be-18 rule, I'd apply over the summer, but I guess I'd be good in some kind of helper position that doesn't get air-time...kind of like Theo...not really sure right now...--Joe


Who is The1Joebob?

Forgive me if I write way too much. This felt like a good time to explain myself from the ground up, you know, except for the giant gaps...--Joe

The1Joebob's very metropolitan home town

Youth (Half-life story)

The1Joebob was born in Texas, in a very metropolitan suburb. During his presence in the second largest state, The1Joebob was a relatively normal child. He played sports like football and soccer, and was not much of a nerd at all. At the tender age of five, he got a Nintendo 64 for a birthday or xmas or something. After that, The1Joebob became increasingly enthralled with video-games, but was still a relatively normal kid who watched TV (especially VH1 for some reason), hung out with friends, etc...until he was about eight and got a gameboy color. After this he became a video-game nerd, to the point of almost living under a rock for about a year, emerging from the rock completely disorientated about a year later. In the end of May 2000, when he was four months short of ten, The1Joebob moved to Illinois because his parents wanted to get closer to their families. (His parents had been born in and grown up in Illinois.) This was kind of a fragile time for The1Joebob, and the original residence had some trashy less-than-friendly kids in the neighborhood, so hey developed into somewhat of an antisocial video-game playing hermit who didn't make many friends outside nerdy social circles. This was somewhat of an important chain of events in his life. His social life recovered shortly, but even before his teenage years, his path in life had already been determined. Had he not moved from Texas, he would probably be just a normal sports-enthusiastic kid. Arguably every event in someone's life is important, but another event in my life was the simple acquisition of a computer and shortly after, a game called The Sims Online. Prior to this, I had next to no computer experience and could barely type. The online mostly-chat game gave somewhat forced his mind (and typing skills) to quickly develop, and by age 13, people were mistaking his age for a variety of numbers, often 15 to 27, but sometimes higher. (Although, when I look back on things I've written even only several months ago, I see them as several years immature.) In seventh grade, people started making sites on freewebs, which was at the time, extremely primative. Although he didn't really have a message or purpose, The1Joebob created his own. When creating it, he needed an ...well I guess you could call it an e-dentity. He created The "Joebob" part was a fun/silly little name thought up three years prior. It seemed appropriate since after all, the website thing was just a fun like joke thing that everyone was doing. Little did he know that it would soon become his permanent internet alias. Anyway The1Joebob quickly realized that freewebs was severely limited, had crappy bandwidth, and was generally a bad deal. By this point, The1Joebob's creativity had been seduced by webmastering and the like, initially html markup and such. After that he moved hosts, from freewebs, to 150m, to comcast pwp, to localhost/ By the time he'd gotten to turning his own computer into a server and hosting himself, the geek had gotten a lot of experience under his belt, getting exposed to all sorts of information. His mind grew like a virus. Once he learned of something, he felt the need to learn everything about it. This lust for learning lasted until high school when he had other things to focus on. Before highschool, The1Joebob was a geek who had a pretty good idea of what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. The1Joebob continued along his path, learning of technologies, especially interested in communications. Shortly before, The1Joebob had been introduce to KoL & RKoL. That story is here.

And after that...

The1Joebob continued to delve into the world of technology, specifically internet communications. The1Joebob has experimented with running services for just about every protocol someone might want to serve (FTP, SSH, Telnet, SMTP, HTTP, MySQL, SOCKS, Firebird, Radmin, VNC, IRC, SHOUTcast, ICEcast, etc, etc) and anything else he had access to. Also, for some reason, he developed quite an interest in object-based programming languages, and is currently working in Java although he hates java* languages. The1Joebob made a bunch of things, most of which are linked to somewhere. You can try looking at this. In his freshman year of highschool, The1Joebob took a year of robotics, and although it was pretty cool and his robot ripped the crap out of anything put in front of it, he realized exactly what he really wanted to do. The1Joebob is currently taking a Programming class and absolutely loving it. (I started the year off with a 107%, making programs many times better than the simple programs that were assigned.) The summer between his frosh and soph year, The1Joebob ran three radio stations, which are also mentioned in the thread he posted in the RKoL forum when he came back from his two-year hiatus.

  • The first of the three radio stations was able to go from 0 to 26 listeners, from completely dead air to air over the course of two hours, in its infancy. It was torn down to make room for the second of the three.
  • The second of the three was built for someone else and although The1Joebob did all the work the someone else tore it down, much to the dismay of the loyal listeners it had acquired.
  • The third of the three was partly a resurection of the first, to take the place the the second had taken from the first. This one didn't get far off the ground due the the extensive amount of programming required and the new school year cutting The1Joebob off from working on it.
  • The1Joebob currently provides free SHOUTcast service to anyone that asks. So far this has generally been friends and their KoL clans. currently mirrors the 64kbps RKoL stream.

Resources and other stuff The1Joebob has done

  • Set up more image boards than there are letters in the alphabet, but deleted most of them. (see map)
  • Created /browse to help out all the poor fellows stuck behind a miniature Great Firewall of China. (Also helping intelligent students get on myspace at school...later experimenting with a pseudo-virus keeping stupid people away from it.)
  • Created /music/, an enormous ever-growing index of music. (Without logging in, /music/ folder-browse-only. In order to download audio files from /music/, or even see them, you will need a password. I wonder where you can get that? ;o)

You really should check out's navigaion or even its sitemap for more stuff on The1Joebob's site...'cause there is a lot more...

One of The1Joebob's status images using the Winamp style template.


As for Broadcasting questions, send me an IM, a PM, or whatever, and I'll be glad to help you out ^_^

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