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Thoughtstipated is ancient yiddish for mental blockage. His Kingdom of Loathing PID# is 590065

Age: 29
Locaton: Near Toronto, Canada
Musical tastes: Anything except Techno-dance-party music and show tunes.

The exact reason Thoughtstipated got this name is unknown since he rarely suffers from thoughtstipation, however it's a fun name to say and makes a nice entry on The Urban Dictionary.

I don't get to play KoL or listen to RKoL as much as I used to, you know how that thing called life gets in the way.

historical notes

  • founder and destroyer of HoD Radio. Win some lose some.
  • founder and destroyer of the Kingdom of Loathing Fake Item Database.
  • A contributor to this very wiki you are reading now! (see my work here.)
  • likes to edit for the Urban Dictionary
  • Made these images at Deviant Art.

His idols are Indiana Jones and pre-MTV Tom Green.

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