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Check the schedule for any changes/pick-up shows="display:none"
VagosLabrou (#2427714)

 Show Name:   
 Prize Multi:   

 Sex:  Male 
 Location:  Athens, Greece 

Show Times:
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Vagos was born in Greece,Athens in Marousi and currently lives in Argiroupoli.

He quickly discovered his love for computers, making modern art on MS Paint and playing Farmerama. He later started playing the piano but quit three years later. In the meantime, he was studying English and German.

He discovered KoL in 2013 when someone recommended it on Reddit. He quickly grew fond of the community and wanted to get more involved. After spending some time on radio, listening mostly to Laureth and Bodisaniwi, he thought he'd give a shot at becoming a DJ.


Vagos usually enjoys faster songs and tries to keep the show energetic, despite the tone of his voice. Comedy songs are a favourite of his (Lonely Island, Filthy Frank...). Some slower songs involving piano might also be played, too. Foreign music is also a staple of his shows. German Rap and songs from the Balkan countries are some of his most common choices. Video game music of all kinds is also present.

Additionally, Vagos has made an Album and sometimes plays songs from it. The Album has new additions from time to time but is not yet available to download.

Things you will most probably never hear are:

  • Greek Rap
  • Most Rock

Requests are always welcome. The methods in which you can send your songs will often be listed when live.

Talking Points


The name VagosLabrou, even though it sounds really special, is actually his real name. His full name is Evangelos Labrou.

The face on his profile picture is a character from Dark Souls.

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