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 Show Name:  Drunken Wombat Radio 
 Prize Multi:  Wombat (#821845) 

 Age:  Older than she looks 
 Sex:  Yes 
 Location:  Like, totally, California? 
 Email:  wombatilim@gmail.com 
 Twitter:  @the_wombat 

Show Times:
See Schedule


About Wombatilim

Wombatilim enjoys boobs, girly drinks, and speaking about herself in the third person (and over-using parenthetical statements). She also sometimes has a rather warped sense of humor. She is also also decidedly not family-friendly.

She has her own Radio KoL t-shirt, which is available for purchase here. All proceeds from the Zazzle store go to supporting the radio station.

Wombatilim has a twitter account. Feel free to stal--- er, follow @the_wombat if you feel so inclined.

Wombatilim also has a voicemail number that she sometimes even checks and might play the voicemail on air. You can reach it at +1(415)504-2289.


  • Tuesday 11pm - Wednesday 2am Eastern


Wombatilim has very eclectic tastes in music, and it's difficult to say what you will hear on any given show, with leanings towards Indie/Obscure music, Dark Wave, Electronica, and SynthPop. However, there are a few things you will not hear:

  • Stuff Wombatilim doesn't like.


Information about Wombatilim's commonly-held contest(s) (i.e. "more than once") go here. Any donations can be sent to her prize multi, Wombat (#821845).

KoL-ective Subconscious

  1. A prize pool will be determined at the start of the contest.
  2. Entrants will submit one entry per person (no spamming with multis)
  3. Wombatilim will announce a range of numbers (or similar set of words, such as colors of the rainbow, suits in a deck of poker cards, etc) from which to choose.
  4. Entries will consist of a single number (or word) within the set in a blue message: /msg Wombatilim [answer]
  5. At the end of the contest, Wombatilim will determine which answer was sent most often. This means it is probably in your best interest to send an integer in the case of a range of numbers, but she's not going to argue if 15 people send in π or e when the game is for numbers between 1 and 10, for example.
  6. The prize pool will be divided equally (or as close to as possible) among all persons submitting the most common answer. In the event that the prize pool cannot be divided equally, the remainder will go to the grand prize winner (below).
  7. Wombatilim will have chatbot roll to select one of the persons who had provided the most common number. That person will receive an additional prize.

Music Quiz!

When Wombatilim was a small child, she was often listening to the local classic rock station with her father. On occasion, he would ask of her, "Music Quiz! Who wrote this song?"

She decided this would be a fun game to play with her listeners.

When a Music Quiz is announced, listeners will have until the end of the song in question to send Wombatilim a blue message (/msg Wombatilim) with their answers. One blue message per person, please. The beginning and end of the song will be announced in chat (to avoid lag issues), and she will have chatbot roll to determine the winner from everyone who had the correct answer.

Things in a Box

Things in a Box is much simpler to play than it is to explain. However, Wombatilim will attempt to do so:

  1. A card will be read.
  2. Think of something funny to go with the card.
  3. Send your something funny in a kmail to Wombatilim.

You may send as many answers as you like, but please only send one answer per kmail. This is to make it easier for her to sort through the answers. Her favorite answers will be read on-air at the end of the round, and she will select her very favorite as the winner of that round. Answers must be unique; any duplicate answer will disqualify all versions of that answer. Wombatilim will judge what constitutes a "duplicate" and announce disqualified answers in chat as quickly as she can.

Winners of each round may not be allowed to enter in future rounds; this depends on the frequency of answers received, and Wombatilim will say whether this is allowed. At the end of the contest, Wombatilim will have chatbot roll to determine which of the winners has won the grand prize.

It is worth noting that a lot of very nice prizes are given away for this contest. As such, Wombatilim is frequently running out of prizes and begging for donations. If you would like to preemptively help out with this, you can send donations to Wombat (#821845). She is always looking for more epic or awesome food and drink and grand prizes to give away. (A "grand prize" is generally worth at least 5 million meat. Sending some meat works, too.)

Speed Play:

Sometimes Wombatilim wants to play Things in a Box, but doesn't have time for a bunch of rounds. The same play rules apply as above, only there will only be one round, and the winner of the round will receive a Radio Button Candy.


Wombatilim has a fairly extensive music collection, some of which she doesn't even know she has (or has forgotten about). A partial playlist (updated semi-regularly) can be found here, though unfortunately her full playlist is too large for the server to display. Requests from the list will be accepted via PM. MP3 files not on her list can be sent to wombatilim@gmail.com, but she is unlikely to download and play the song during her show. It will make its way into her playlist eventually if she does not deem it "the suck." She is most likely to keep interesting mashups and covers; otherwise she tends to be very album-oriented in her collection, and gets irritated at having stray tracks.

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