Casinos Tricks


Casinos are one of the most entertaining venues to have fun at. Gambling is not only expensive, but time consuming. So why do people want to gamble? It could be many things actually. It could be just for the thrill of it, the rush and feel of risk, or it could be to make money fast. Whatever the reason, if you have ever been to a casino, you would realize that it functions independent of time. So what makes casinos tick?

24×7 Service

Most casinos in major cities like Las Vegas, Macau etc. are open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. This means that it offers a chance to make money anytime a person wants. This means that any person at any time is welcome in a casino, and they would be encouraged to gamble.

The Lights

If you have ever been to a casino, you would have noticed that the lighting is always very specific. Every casino in the world shares that in common: they all have similar lighting systems that make it look like it’s always on one time. Coupled with the fact that it has no windows, casinos can clearly mislead you on what time it is. This brings us to another important point.

The Lights

No Clocks

Clocks are a strict no-no in casinos. There is no casino that has clocks installed in them for the simple fact that it does not let people know the time. It could be 3 am or 4 pm, and the inside of the casino would still look pretty much the same. Without a sense of time, people could gamble their bank accounts dry and lose sense of how many hours they had been in.

Free Drinks Buzzers

Almost all casinos provide free drinks. This isn’t free though, the casino is actually investing in you. If you are going to get drunk and gamble, there is a pretty good chance you are not going to keep your head in the game, which would be problematic for you, while being profitable for the casino. So stop falling for the free booze and food, it could milk you dry.



If you have been to a casino, you would understand this, and if this is your first time, pay attention to this. Casinos never want you to leave. That is why they go through the pain of not installing windows, clocks or show any ray of sunshine inside: they do not want you going out. Another way they distract you is with buzzers that go off every time someone wins something. When a person wins something, absolutely anything, at a casino, everyone in the casino gets to know about it, playing a feeling of hope into the other players’ mind that they too could win.

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